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Help Finding A TCM Movie (Robert Ryan - Maybe)


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I have been searching for many hours to find a movie I saw on TCM a few months ago. I **think** the main character is Robert Ryan, but since I have gone over his filmography, I am doubting myself, although I could swear it was him. The plot is like this:


A rough reporter, falls in love with a royal (not sure embassador maybe?)'s wife, they have an affair - the setting is an island, perhaps Italy, of somekind. So, the reporter (who I believe to have been Robert Ryan) gets "poisoned" by the woman's high-ranking royal-type pf positioned husband (again I think he was an embassodor, or some such title), to get the reporters evidence on him, but the poisoining turns out to be something easily over-come and more of a trick.


The reporter eventually figures out the whole scandal, which involves the local foreign police chief, and ends up killing the embassador husband, but takes the high road and reports the story to save the family face, as an innocent accidental death of the husband.


Awesome movie. I can not find it anywhere? I am almost positive the reporter was Robert ryan (or at least someone who was just like him). It was black & white probably a 40's time period. Please, any help, any suggestions?


Thanks :-)


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You're correct that the Robert Ryan Wikipedia site does NOT list the movie. That was the first place I went too. So then I Googled "Robert Ryan Steward Granger movie" and found it that way.


Don't know why they wouldn't list it for Ryan. Maybe because it was produced overseas and not by an American studio????


I saw the movie for the first time about 6 months ago when TCM showed it. I like it. Interesting turnaround with Ryan as the hero and Granger as the cad.


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