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The Best Opening of a Movie

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"Bonnie and Clyde - Part 1" (2013), one of the kids that gathered at the shot up car pulled the sheet back to reveal the bloody face of a dead Clyde Barrow. They were completely unphased and totally didn't seem to care. Go-o-o-lly, a dead man - let's play ball. (my interpretation of whats going though their minds)

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   We saw "Silverado" in 70mm and the theater was nearly full. The Columbia logo was followed by a panning shot showing a pot belly stove in a dark cabin and a man sleeping. He is attacked from outside the small cabin and gunshots rip through the walls letting in shafts of sunlight. The man manages to kill all three ambushers and opens the cabin door. The camera follows him outside and reveals a beautiful sunny mountain vista and the main theme swells as the title is shown.

   The change from the loud, cramped gunfight to the majestic outdoors made the audience gasp.

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Nothing beats the James Bond films for pre-credits sequences with unbelievable stuntwork. And let's not forget the memorable theme songs augmented by Maurice Binder's titles and visuals.



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