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Puzzle : July 26

Kid Dabb

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*09* Nazis riding motorcycles rob a bank and kill a guy's fiancee

and plot to kill a Jesus-like character but the guy calls his police buddy and

has Jesus-like arrested for protection but the Nazis bail him out and kill him

on a cross and...oh.. it just keeps getting better

*14* An *Italian* hermit is rediscovered and, reluctantly, returns

to civilization

*29* A twist on bike racing

*30* An unusual film with popular rock songs for dialog

*34* A rebel gang capture the leader of a rival gang, and his girl.

They head off to trade her into white slavery

*35* A broke stock car driver meets a biker gang at a bar

*40* Biker babes leave their gang, one is killed by a cult leader

and the others go for revenge

*45* Harley-Davidson and the star of this film were associated

for the first time

*47* A fanatical count and his daughter

*49* No budget for high speed cameras so the cameras 12-volt

batteries were replaced with 24-volt batteries... Zooom! A documentary feature

*66* *A girl in* all-over leather

*69* The last film distributed by this distributor that had started

out in business in 1913 during the era of silent movies

*70* Smugglers act like ghosts

*71* Biker quits his gang and heads out cross-country

where he sees a girl commune member being harassed by citizens

trying to push the hippies out

*73* An early British example which violated the Hollywood

production code, yet was still shown in the United States

*75* He's the leader of a violent teen gang, who ride motorcycles.

They dabble in black magic. In a similar vein, his mother and her sinister butler

get their kicks out of holding séances in their home




*01* A white supremacist bike gang has killed the brother of an

African American Vietnam vet returning from war

*02* A man wins a new bike in a desert endurance race and

someone steals it

*06* On the way to a drug deal, they are invited to a ghost town

by a gang - to party with some hippies

*07* A rival biker gang has threatened a U.S. Marine who has

promised a dead buddy he would take care of his bike

*17* Bikers are given drugged food by cultists in an old church in

the desert - biker leader's girl is cursed

*18* Race war between two gangs

*20* Alternate title - Outlaw leader takes an interest in a

migrant worker's teen daughter

*22* Hippies fall in love and need money. They help smuggle drugs

*26* Back from the First World War, a loosely-knit band

of motorcyclists makes their way across the States seeking their fortunes

in California

*33* Their dream to see the ocean in California, three teenage

girls ride their bikes, running away from home. Along the way they are

molested by outlaw bikers. They are murdered and their ghosts dance

together in the surf. The end

*36* $5000 is missing, there's a .22 slug in the guy's head, and

the cop/wanna-be-detective thinks it's murder.. ya think?

*38* A gang's youngest member seduces a young, married

executive, then he is blackmailed

*39* An architect's girlfriend tells him she is pregnant

*42* A troublemaker returns to find old buddies in a

respectable MC Club

*44* A neo-nazi Count, his fanatic daughter, a Las Vegas

Mafia chief.. and a biker gang

*46* An all-girl MC gang

*48* A girl on a bike drags a man in the dirt

*50* The gang is running drugs for a crime boss

*52* A man divorces his wife, walks away from his job and

takes a holiday boating in England

*60* Young women bootleggers

*62* A small gang breaks into a mill and robs the payroll

*63* A pilot helps find uranium

*64* The gang accidently breaks a headlight on a non-gang's bike

*67* A veterinarian and his wife team up to hunt down a MC gang

*68* Japanese bikes under Hells Angels fighting Communists

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*09* Chris Noel - The Tormentors

*14* Ann-Margret - IL Profeta

*29* Michael Pataki - The Sidehackers

*30* Bruce Byron - Scorpio Rising

*34* Chris Noel - The Glory Stompers

*40* Regina Carrol - Angels' Wild Women

*45* Nancy Sinatra - The Wild Angels

*47* Broderick Crawford - Hell's Bloody Devils

*49* Steve McQueen - On Any Sunday

*66* Marianne Faithful - The Girl On A Motorcycle

*69* Michael Greene - Naked Angels

*70* Leslie Dwyer - The Black Rider

*71* Luke Askew - Angel Unchained

*73* Colin Campbell - The Leather Boys

*75* George Sanders - Psychomania






*01* Joe Greene - The Black Six

*07* Sherry Bain - The Hard Ride

*17* Deuce Barry - Werewolves On Wheels

*18* Linda Jackson - Black Angels

*20* Diwaldo Myers - Savages From Hell

*22* Russ Tamblyn - Free Grass

*26* Keith Carradine - Hex

*33* Loraine Ferris - Cycle Vixens

*36* Elisha Cook Jr- Electra Glide In Blue

*38* Kathy Williams - Sisters In Leather

*39* Cameron Mitchell - Rebel Rousers

*42* Anne Neyland - Motorcycle Gang

*44* Broderick Crawford - Hell's Bloody Devils

*46* Jeremy Slate - The Mini-Skirt Mob

*48* Christie Wagner - She-Devils On Wheels

*50* Dee Duffy - The Hellcats

*52* Viveca Lindfors - The Damned

*60* Mick Mehas - The Girls From Thunder Strip

*62* Darlene Duralia - Outlaw Riders

*63* Edward Kemmer - The Hot Angel

*64* Jack Nicholson - Hells Angels On Wheels

*67* Hal Hopper - Motorpsycho

*68* William Smith - Nam's Angels



thank you - the end

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