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who plays the first 3 incarnations of Jennie that Eben meets in Central Park..they are all younger, shorter & different than the mature college aged Jennie...I searched everywhere for info...is this some studio magic??? are all three Miss Jones or three separate actresses?? :)


Edited by: doctom666 on Jul 29, 2013 5:25 AM

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In the early scenes, the perspective is changed so that she looks smaller. There are ways to do this with a wide angle lens, and with the person sitting further away from the lens than she appears to be. That will make her look smaller.


They can make props, such as several different park benches, that are longer and shorter but that look like the same bench. So, if they use a long park bench, and place it in front of the camera a certain way, and if they use a wide angle lens, with Joseph Cotton closest to the lens, they can make him look larger and make her look smaller. She is farther away from him on long park bench, and the wide angle lens will make her look smaller, but the bench won't look any longer.


Here he is sitting on something that is 6 to 10 inches higher than what she is sitting on. This makes her look shorter:




Here he is leaning down, making her look taller:



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I love this movie.



The first time I saw it I didn't know if the younger Jennie was played by the same actor who played her as an adult because I was not familiar with Jennifer Jones. If a movie like this were made today -- say with Sandra Bullock --- audiences would recognize the actor playing Jennie throughout because she would be familiar to them just as Jennifer Jones was familar to audiences at the time that PORTRAIT OF JENNIE was released.



I love how this movie uses "fantasy" elements within a realistic framework. You don't see this used very often in American films except with "horror" movies. Another excellent use of this technique (fantasy in a realistic framework) is THE LAKE HOUSE (with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves).



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