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Character actor I.D.

Ray Faiola

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Mitchell Lewis plays the blacksmith in the film. I created the IMDB entry for THE LAST LESSON based on a rare print of the film that I recently acquired.


Mitchell Lewis was a much beloved man in the Hollywood community. He was, for the most part, a player of small parts but he engaged in many charities and was a friend to everyone. You'll remember him as the head of the witch's guards in THE WIZARD OF OZ ("She's dead - you've killed her!").


The actor I pictured is definitely a real Frenchman. I may have seen him play a banker or a mayor in another picture but I simply don't remember.

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I'm not sure who that actor is (but I agree with you, he's certainly not Mitchell Lewis).



I saw that the IMDb page for THE LAST LESSON does not have the exact release date, just the year. I added the date (December 19, 1942) Two different sources agree on that date: "Motion Picture Herald" shorts release charts and "The Exhibitor" shorts release charts. Let's hope the IMDb accepts it.



I was hoping those papers' reviews might list the actors, but unfortunately, no (at least not "The Exhibitor"). But here's their review of the short, from their January 13, 1943 issue, page 1190, in case you might find it of interest:



THE LAST LESSON - Metro. Miniature.

Taken from the famous Daudet story of the last lesson taught in the schools of Lorraine after the German occupation of the last century, the reel has a striking similarity to the situation of today. As in today's case, restrictions were put on the schools then, with the people vowing to keep their own way of life, and drive the invader out. Powerful and moving drama as the town gathers to hear the school teacher give his last lesson in French, this places high on the list of emotional shorts. Rating: Excellent.






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