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Favorite line ANYWHERE!


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And it wasn't in a movie!



In the later '70's, there was a TV show called "The Dumplings", based on a comic strip of the same name. I don't recall who played Mrs. Dumpling, but the husband was played by James Coco.



Anyway, the premise was that they owned-operated a luncheonette, and Mrs, Dumpling was the cook. And an EXCELLENT cook to boot. in one episode, a regular came in to complain that the meatloaf recipe Mrs, Dumpling gave her didn't turn out as good as Dumpling's, and wanted to know what she left out. For dicussion sake, we'll call the regular "Gladys".



Dumpling: "What do you mean?"

Gladys: "You know, some people when they give their recipes to someone else, they leave out an ingredient so the person doesn't make it as good as theirs"

Dumpling: "Oh, I don't believe in that. I gave you the exact recipe I use"

Gladys: "Well, it still didn't turn out as good as yours"

Dumpling: "Well, did you put in the right amount of ground veal?"

Gladys: "Yep"

Dumpling: "How about the right amount of bread crumbs?"

Gladys: "One cup. Just like the recipe."

Dumpling: "How about the amount of chopped onion?"

Gladys: "Look. I followed your recipe to the letter. I didn't put in the wrong amount of anything.

Dumpling: "Well, did you put in the right amount of LOVE?"

Gladys: "Oh, c'mon now. How do you put love into a meatloaf?"


Dumpling: "The same way you PUT IT INTO SEX!"



I only saw that episode ONCE. Over 30 YEARS ago! And STILL REMEMBER IT, THAT'S how good that line was!






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I like a LOT of various lines from a wide variety of movies and other sources. It's just that THIS one is most memorable to me.



As an aside, my favorite Benny line was his reply when asked about Fred Allen's apartment, as to how he liked it;



"It was hard to tell with all that LAUNDRY hanging everywhere..."






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