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The Conjuring

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I watched The Conjuring friday nite since I had no interest in hearing Doris Day sing. It was crap just like 99% of what today Hollywood calls movies. It had a nice flow to it but nothing that has not been done before and better. Unlike most of today's Hollywood directors James Wan does seem to have a modicum of ability, but it's nothing in the same league as the past achievement of a William Friedkin. Unfortunately, there are no more William Friedkin's in today's Hollywood. Something I saw in the past few days that does give me some hope, a Top Cat movie. :P Surely they can handle that subject matter proficiently enough to produce something watchable? *"I don't know, Bobby. I'm inclined to doubt it." -Klaatu (Michael Rennie) :D*

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Hollywood is fast approaching the bottom of tha barrel when it comes to turning old TV shows into movies. *The Brady Bunch Movie* , *Car 54, Where Are You?* , *The Flintsones* , *The Honeymooners* , *The Addams Family* , et al.



I'm still waiting for( with dread) the release of *My Mother The Car: The Movie* .






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