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Burt Lancaster as SOTM November 2013


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_November 6th_

8 p.m. THE KILLERS (1946)

10 p.m. COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA (1952)

11:45 p.m. FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953)

2 a.m. THE SWIMMER (1968)

4 a.m. THE GYPSY MOTHS (1969)


_November 7th_



9:30 a.m. APACHE (1954)


_November 13th_


10:15 p.m. SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (1957)

12 a.m. ELMER GANTRY (1960)

2:30 a.m. SEVEN DAYS IN MAY (1964)

4:45 a.m. HIS MAJESTY O'KEEFE (1954)


_November 14th_

6:30 a.m. THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE (1959)



_November 20th_

8 p.m. MISTER 880 (1950)

9:45 a.m. JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG (1961)


3:45 a.m. THE TRAIN (1965)


_November 21st_

6 a.m. A CHILD IS WAITING (1963)

8 a.m. SOUTH SEAS WOMAN (1953)

9:45 a.m. TEN TALL MEN (1952)


_November 27th_

8 p.m. FIELD OF DREAMS (1989)

10 p.m. THE LEOPARD (1963)

1:15 a.m. THE PROFESSIONALS (1966)

3:30 a.m. THE CRIMSON PIRATE (1952)

5:30 a.m. BRUTE FORCE (1947)


_November 28th_

7:15 a.m. THE YOUNG SAVAGES (1961)

9 a.m. VENGEANCE VALLEY (1951)

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Thanks for the list, Top. I'll have to jot it down or cut&paste it. By november, this thread will be long gone.



The biggest dissapointment is that *The Train* will be shown even later than I stay up. I GOTTA get a DVD( if available) of this fine movie, one of my favorite Lancaster movies, at least one of the Lancaster flicks I like but DON'T have a copy of.






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I am at a loss to understand why a tribute to him does not include: *The Midnight Man* (1974) as he was producer, director, screenwriter and star of the movie. It seems to me they would want to highlight a work in which he filled so many capacities.

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Hard to believe that an actor as great as Lancaster hasn't been SOTM since 1999, but better late than never.


Looking over the schedule, the only major disappointment is the absence of I Walk Alone, a terrific 1948 drama of gangster betrayal he made with Kirk Douglas that was a reversal of their good guy / bad guy pairing in Seven Days in May. I also wish we'd gotten the caper drama Criss Cross, but I suspect that was left out due to acquistion issues.


One pleasant surprise: The Swimmer, a very dark film based on an equally dark John Cheever short story. This one doesn't show up very often, and I'd recommend it highly to anyone who hasn't seen it.


And what better choice to kick off the tribute than The Killers. That's one of those movies I could see a hundred or a thousand times and never get tired of it. *KITTY IS INNOCENT!* *KITTY IS INNOCENT!* *KITTY IS INNOCENT!*

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Regrettably among the missing : Kiss The Blood Off My Hands {an unusual noir with Joan Fonataine}, Desert Fury { a *color* noir }, Airport { his biggest hit of the 70's }, Criss Cross { a *great* noir , with Tony Curtis in one of his first bits, dancing with Yvonne DeCarlo }, Vera Cruz { an influential western directed by Robert Alrich, and co-starring Gary Cooper }, The Rose Tattoo, Separate Tables, Midnight Man { a movie I saw on cable eons ago and fondly remember }. I am glad to see Gypsy Moths on the sked, providing TCM doesn't do a re-schedule of it, and I've never seen Mister 880, so I may seek that one out. Other than that, although good movies, the rest of the line-up is pretty much the usual suspects. Yawn.


Edited by: cinemanut on Aug 4, 2013 9:16 PM

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BURT LANCASTER!! One of my favorite favorites. As mentioned previously, a number of great Burt films aren't on the schedule but hopefully they can be obtained at a later date. *I Walk Alone* and *CrissCross* are 2 terrific noirs. One of my all time favorite films is *The Train* , a film that really showcases Burt the action hero, he does ALL of his own stunts and even doubled for a few other actors, and Burt was nearing 50 years of age. Get the DVD of The Train, John Frankenheimer does the full audio commentary and tells a lot of details. And I don't care how often TCM airs *Gunfight At The O K Corral* , that is one hell of an entertaining film that I can watch over and over...

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I counted 29 films, and I've only seen 11 of them, so most of these will be new to me. I'm pretty excited. People around here who hate the alleged over-airing of some movies will hopefully be happy FROM HERE TO ETERNITY has been shuffled off to a late-night slot.

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I love Burt Lancaster and am looking forward to revisiting a few films I haven't seen in awhile, like CRISS CROSS.


If you like Burt I highly recommend BURT LANCASTER AN AMERICAN LIFE by Kate Buford ISBN: 0-306-81019-0


As far as Hollywood biographies go, it was one of the most interesting & varied.

It's in depth and very well written telling about Burt's beginnings, his film triumphs, and his elderly years in a respectful non judgmental way.


No ATLANTIC CITY on the list, that's one of my favorites.

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> {quote:title=EugeniaH wrote:}{quote}*the only major disappointment is the absence of* *I Walk Alone*


> That's a movie I've really wanted to see, because I've read a lot of raves about it on these boards...

The only time that movie's played any time I can remember was during the first week of Kirk Douglas's SOTM tribute in September of 2011. Glad I recorded it then, because next to Out of the Past that may be my favorite Douglas movie ever. The rivalry between Lancaster and Douglas almost amounts to a tomcat fight.

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While I like I Walk Alone as a noir and for the overall vibe of the movie, for me the scenes between Lancaster and Scott are hard to watch. Very poor acting on both parts in my view. I also don't like how the screenwriter ends film. I loved the fact that the Douglas character was a new type of criminal while Lancaster was the old type. This is a common noir theme (e.g. The Racket, The Big Heat).


At the end the Douglas character goes back to using 20s gangster techniques. I just don't see his character doing that after all he had gained by doing things a new way. But hey, it leads to a high action finish!





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