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why is Susan Hayward again being ignored. Shes one of the greatest actresses the screen has known 5 time Oscar winner , won for I Want To Live..most deservedly She not on this months star of the day. and she hasnt been star of the month as long as Ive Been watching my favorite TV channel TCM,,, but I dont ubderstand why she hasnt been given her due credit and honor



Look at her list of Films:



I want To Live



Ill Cry Tomorrow



With A Song In My Heart



My Foolish Heat



Smash Up/Story of a Woman



House Of Strangers



Demetrius and The Gladiators



David and Bethsheba



Raw Hide



Reap The Wild Wind



Beau Geste



Back Street



Where Love Has Gone



I Thank A Fool



The Hairy Ape



Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole (TV film)



and on and on



She died so young so tragically . Was the second biggest box office star of the 1950s, and yet shes not getting RECOGNITION from TCM??? Many are wondering why She was a true beauty and a great superstar



She should be designated star of The Month soon



Im a FAN






fanofbabs and SUSAN HAYWARD !! 8/4/13



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I totally agree Susan Hayward deserves to be SOTM. She was one of the biggest stars of the 50s. Part of the problem may be that she attained her first recognition, and the enmity of the female stars, as a second lead player at Paramount in the first half of the 40s. At the end of the decade, she came under contract to 20th Century Fox, where she remained for most of the 50s. TCM has access to only a few of the films of Paramount or Fox. But they are able to negotiate with Fox at least, and she made enough films elsewhere that TCM should be able to get enough of her movies to cover a month. PS....she was nominated for an Oscar 5 times, which is what u meant to say I think.

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This subject comes up from time to time. I still say they could do a SOTM w/out some of the Fox films. 3 of her Oscar nominated films are shown regularly (I'll Cry Tomorrow, Live and Smash Up or is it Crack Up?) I dont think TCM is pushing this hard enough.......

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Well it may be wishful thinking but I'm hoping TCM is trying to aquire rights to movies they don't have to give the wonderful Susan Hayward the tribute she deserves. (otherwise I'll have to read all those threads that say 'how could TCM have Hayward as SOTM and NOT show,,,,,,). Oh, it never ends. :)





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