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movie quotes with a twist game


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This one is interesting, and there have been over 100 Views since my last question closed. Smart money says Random Harvest (1942) is the film in question, but I can't find an in-script quote.


I have found, on a fansite devoted to Ms .Garson, a description of an off-camera conversation among the filmmakers about one plot point. Ms. Garson expresses an opinion that if Ronald Coleman just walks up to the cottage, opens the door and walks in (after being away for years), it would be like breaking and entering.


She is later quoted as saying, "Well then, what about this. When Ronald opens the cottage door at the end, I could be standing there inside the house waiting for him."


Is that the reference?

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flash...its not listed as a quote


the quote is "SMITTY" ;''


if you remember the film ......smitty was the nick name greer garson gave to ronald colman

after his amnesia and as he starts to remember the house

by the door ...she called "smitty.".and colman recognized her...film ends happily


the thread is yours

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An insane cannabilistic Psychiatrist making a deal with an FBI agent who wants to get into the agent's mind just because he's bored but is actually helping the case?


Why so picky?



*Something you personally don't like about about me?*



Your thread sixes....




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