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World Cat Day - 10 Great Films


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Thanks for that, RM.

"World Cat Day", eh? I think every day is World Cat Day in a cat's mind.


I love cats. I have two, wish I could have more but the two I have would never allow it.

Cats bring a lot of joy to their owners. (is "owner" now politically incorrect? "co-habitator"? "minder" "animal care-giver"? "mommy"? - god forbid, that last one...)


I will try and check out some of those vids later today.


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> {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}


> Cats bring a lot of joy to their owners. (is "owner" now politically incorrect? "co-habitator"? "minder" "animal care-giver"? "mommy"? - god forbid, that last one...)


More like servants... The cats own us... We exist for them... :)


Anyway, if nothing else, you know the answer to the trivia question on the oldest (or almost oldest) film of cats that's on the internet (out of the possibly millions or billions(?) of them)...


"The Sick Kitten" (1901) is actually pretty funny:


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Just checked out the list -- interesting, but they're all good cats. Where are the horror films, like the one about Balthazar, the cat that eats people's brains? And I'm waiting to see THE CREEPER, about a mad scientist who turns his hand into a cat's paw, with which he commits murder. But re: cat's acting, there's a great performance by a cat in an excellent French film, THE HORSEMAN ON THE ROOF, which stars Juliette Binoche and Olivier Martinez.

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What? No Thomasina? The cat was the star of that picture! (A Disney film from the 60s). 3 Lives of Thomasina I think it was. This list is far from complete.


Orangey (y?) the cat who starred in Tiffanys had a long career in films and may have played her. It was also in some baseball picture in the 50s, so this list is far from complete. I think there was a cat co-star in Bedknobs and Broomsticks too.....



And what about The Incredible Journey? Cat played a big role in that picture too with its dog co-stars..........


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Edited by: Hibi on Aug 8, 2013 11:36 AM

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I wish very much that TCM could air: *Rhubarb* (1951) with Ray Milland, William Frawley and Orangey. I have only once seen it but I remember it very fondly as an active and endearing comedy.


I like very much: *The Cat From Outer Space* (1978). It is a very fun little movie.



Extracts from a book of poems by cats:


It makes no real sense to put this here and it has no connection to movies but it is my favorite cat video on YouTube:


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While not strictly about "cats", but "cathouses", this opening title sequence by graphic designer/film maker Saul Bass and accompanied with a memorable tune composed by the great film scorer Elmer Bernstein, is still one of the best in all of cinema for my money...




(...and probably better done than the rest of the movie...well, at least the cat is a better actor than Laurence Harvey is, anyway!!!)



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IMDB.com lists the star of: *Breakfast at Tiffany's* (1961) as: "Putney" and that is the only movie credited to his name.


This is odd as I have found two seemingly independent references to Orangey winning a second PATSY award for appearance in the movie.


Orangey debuted in: *Rhubarb* (1951) and was in several movies and television series.



I believe the most well-known movie is:*This Island Earth* (1955).


Perhaps my favorite is: *The Comedy of Terrors* (1963) with Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Joe E. Brown, Joyce Jameson and Basil Rathbone.

"And so, my friends, we find ourselves gathered around the bier of Mrs... er... Mr... You Know Whom... this litter of sorrow, this cairn, this cromlech, this dread dochma, this gart, this mastaba, this sorrowing tope, this unhappy tumulus, this, this... what is the word?... this... er, coffin! Never could think of that word. Requiescat in Pace, Mr... um... Mr... the memory of your good deeds will not perish with your untimely sepulture."

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MissW., my daughter, an avid animal over, has a T-shirt on which this is printed:



"Cats don't have "owners", they have "staff"!



Her Mother and I used to call her "Ellie Mae" because of her rapport with animals. We once had a cat( silver Persian) who wouldn't let ANYone near it. Try to pet her, and she'd try to take your hand off. Growl and hiss and swipe at you with claws out. Only not the daughter. She could carry that cat around by the WISKERS and she'd let her. And there was a black Lab two doors down named "Bear" that would sometimes get out and run down the street with the owner chasing him in vain. But if "Ellie" was playing outside, she'd call Bear and the dog would stop in it's tracks! She had the dog sitting on our porch one day, and told him to "stay" while she went to the side of the house to get him some water. The dog stayed! He was fidgity, and acted like he wanted to leave the spot, But she said "stay", and stay he did! Eric, the dog's owner, would pay my daughter two dollars everytime she "retrieved" his retriever for him.






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Oh well... Can't make everybody happy, Hibi...

It's only a list of ten. A list of twenty-five, fifty, one hundred, or one thousand film titles might have covered all the bases...


I was surprised this one didn't make the list:




Scary stuff... Tagline for the one above is "They have nine lives. We only have one."


More films featuring cats or having something to do with cats here:



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> {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}

> RO has said several times on the air that it was Orangey in Tiffanys. So I dont know who is right......


The reference to: "Putney" on IMDB.com is cross-referenced only within the site.


I found two independent sources that Orangey appeared in: *Breakfast at Tiffany's* (1961) and that Orangey received a PATSY award for that appearance.


Orangey was known also as Rhubarb perhaps as reference to the cat's debut movie.


Is it possible that Orangey was a cat of many names? :)

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