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Who would have 'thunk'?


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Yes, I know proper spelling is ‘Thought’, but who would have thought that a film entitled ‘Mississippi Mermaid’ would be a French film with subtitles? I truly Tried to enjoy all of the Truffaut films.




And no, I’m normally not someone who minds a subtitled film, but now I feel TCM truly missed a Marketing Strategy when they failed to advertize 'Speak Fluent French' after their past months of airing their lineup of films. Not to mention the possibility to at least understanding Japanese much better.




Please allow me to explain since being given a condition called, ‘Adhesive Arachnoiditis’ ten years ago, with Extremely Severe Pain as the number one symptom, and sleep deprivation a close second, it has robbed me of my ability to read for extended periods. So with Hours, Days, Weeks being devoted to Subtitled films, my ability to enjoy TCM as I usually do, has truly and sadly suffered as well.




And I DO Love My TCM!--- I can Honestly, and Sincerely say that TCM Saved My Life!




But honestly, can TCM say that airing so many subtitled films so close to each other is needed? Or, airing Repeats of those same films within days of each other was?




I’m someone who loves a good film, subtitled or not. But I do wonder how many other viewers turn the channel anytime they see subtitles? I’m simply saying ‘Nothing is good in excess!’


(And Please, before anyone writes that I'm merely being pety? Please attempt to Understand Adhesive Arachnoiditis, - Love TCM as I do, depending upon it, - then, WISH they were physically able to be enjoying what's being aired. Thanks!)


Edited by: richteas on Aug 12, 2013 11:41 AM

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I don't mind watching subtitled movies, it keeps it more authentic. Ever noticed a translated foreign *silent* having 2 separate titles to read. There the English should only be shown because of too much distracting clutter.


Question is, would any studio spend the extra money to make an English dubbed version of a titled sound movie if its not in demand?


I remember when "Letters From Iwo Jima" first shown on TV, it was titled and the English version came out a year later. Which does anyone think is better?



Bit of trivia, ever heard of an English dubbed movie that went missing? It happened to the Austrian/German movie "Heidi (1965). Today only the German version survives. Anyone beside me has the English dubbed version recorded from the Family Channel in 1989? (the only showing)



By the way, mermaids speaks bloop. ;)

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From what I see, "thunk" is the least of your spelling worries.



I don't mind subtitled movies. My wife, however, has what I call, "fluctuating eyesight" due to her diabetes. Depending on where her glucose level is determines how good/bad her eysight is. This means that while she could see the IMAGE well enough on the screen, she often can't clearly read the subtitles, and asking me to quickly read them FOR her means that I miss most of the movie!



But I think a whole night, or many nights of listening to foriegn "jibberish" while reading the movie can be unnerving. Also, this remends me of a movie review I read years ago. I forget the movie, but it was a foreign film with subtitles that was made from a book. The review was simple and to the point.



*You've SEEN the book, now READ the movie!*






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