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Macomber Affair


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It was not visible when I logged on. Evidently there was no good reason to mothball a perfectly good movie like Ghost Ship & TCM is sometimes too touchy about it. The committee who approve or deny showing is erring on the side of caution. Nobody cares about 50-100 year old relics.

Studios like Universal hanging onto movies like they are Fort Knox. Its pitiful the shallow narrow workings of the TCM committee mind.

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I'm recording it, sounds interesting. But I just checked, in my ignorance, I thought it was one of those widescreen safari jobs, like King Solomon's Mines, so I'm recording in HD. (I know, I know, maybe TCM doesn't broadcast in real HD.)


But in fact, switching back and forth, not only is it not HD, the NON-HD broadcast looks much better/sharper. As opposed to the other night, when TCM showed The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, which was gorgeous in HD and was that perfect aspect ratio that fills my whole screen!

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King Solomon's Mines WAS in wide screen..... it was in TALL screen too. It was made in the days before Hollywood started cropping all their films at the top and bottom and replacing the image with black bars or black curtains.


So, King Solomon's Minds was in FULL screen and not "letterboxed" or cropped. I saw it on a very large screen theater screen in 1950 and it was spectacular. It showed people's legs and clothes and the ground, and the full sky above. No cropping of that stuff out back in those days. No tiny mall theater letterboxed and cropped screens back in those days.

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