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A Mae West ban on TCM?


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Saturday is August 17th - - Mae West's birthday. And is there any mention of the grand old one-of-a-kind, bawdy naughty, groundbreaking woman of strength and nose-thumber at the (male) Hollywood establishment?


Nary a sign she ever existed at TCM. And what do we get to watch instead? Dinner At Eight yet again.


OK - - D at 8 is a GREAT film. A wonderful film. But how many times are you gonna show it primetime? ESPECIALLY on Mae West's birthday!


Come on TCM - - the dame deserves some hard-earned respect and a night of her own. Too many young people are growing up without ever having seen her (except, perhaps, for My Little Chickadee). She is one of a kind and an American institution.


Isn't it time Miss West gets a day of her own on TCM? And ESPECIALLY on her birthday?!

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Face it. Mae West wasn't exactly a great actress. Not even really a great beauty. But NO actress back then, or even NOW, could project the SASS and PANACHE like Mae could! Kudos to those directors and producers who had the courage to let her rip the cover of hipocrisy off of the "code" in later movies, and say what others thought. And WHO could NOT like lines like:


Girl: "Goodness! Where did you get that MINK?"

Mae: "It wasn't GOODNESS that got it, honey!"


Sepiatone PS: A few years ago, I was in a local meat market to buy some chicken breasts. When I told the girl( about 22 years old) to make them "real Mae Wests", she looked confused. The woman behind the counter with her, more my age, laughed and told her, "He means he wants really good sized ones. I'll explain later". Then she turned to me and gave a good natured wink.

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*But NO actress back then, or even NOW, could project the SASS and PANACHE like Mae could!*


I dunno, I think Jean Harlow might have had something to say about that. Greatest comedy actor ever, and no other actress is even close.

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I think these things are planned months in advance and if even added to the schedule could disappear like the Planet of the Apes series they had on the schedule briefly.


It also seems birthdays are skipped over but if someone dies they may add a special reflection of movies to honor their passing. Some actors probably wished they had nine lives because of that, lol.

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