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Summer of the stars


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Almost by definition, SUTS is going to seem less exciting with each passing year, since the longer we watch TCM, the more and more we're seeing movies we've seen many times before. Short of sending amnesia pills along with Now Playing subscriptions, I'm not sure what can be done about this.


Doesn't it really come down to the fact that once we've seen all the usual suspects for the third and fourth time, what we really want are more and more premieres? The best SUTS days for me were Gabin, Mifune, Chaney, and Deneuve, because unlike with the tributes to *all* the big Hollywood stars, we got to see a lot of movies for the first time on TCM.


Same with those monthly directors' retrospectives, which are almost always much more interesting than the largely repetitious SOTM films. The Kurosawa, Truffaut, Hitchcock, and Hal Roach Studio shorts retrospectives all gave us (or will be giving us) films we hadn't / haven't seen before. It's much harder to do that for almost any Hollywood star or character actor from anytime in the sound era. Even the best of this year's Hollywood SUTS days, Glenda Farrell on the 29th, is running almost nothing but films that have been shown in the past year or so. I'll be glad to see them again, but sometimes there's too much of a good thing.

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