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ok, TCM has once again ignored Garbo for SUTS and now even her birthday---Sept. 18th is her birthday and it is being IGNORED again! why does this happen???????


TCM i love your station and i love bob osborne, but please give some respect to this great actress and timeless beauty!


she made hollywood glamorous and wonderful like a dream world


she deserves more than this!

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FYI: TCM rarely does birthday tributes unless it is the actors 100 birthday. i.e. something really special.


The reason is because actors are born each and every day of the year. If TCM was to honor actors on their birthdays, the vast majority of TCM's programming would be devoted to that theme.


I think TCM would get more complaints if they did that. Check out Mongo's Candid 2 thread under Film and Filmmakers; Each day he lists the actors born that day. This helps makes the point I'm making here.


Garbo as SUTS? I can see that but this year TCM decided to give many character actors and supporting players the spotlight.

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