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Movies after 1969


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I like most think that classic Hollywood died after the 1960's so why do you show movies from the 70's up? Why don't you keep your station for the classics and trade these other films to AMC or TNT for there classic films you don't have. Case in point POPULAR SCIENCE Series & Unusual Occupations Series. Thanks Jim

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It appears you might be a new member here. Welcome.


What you mention is one of the most debated topics at this forum. Note taht 1968 was the end of the code (censorship) era and that year is used to denote what I call the end of the studio era.


I don't use the term 'classic' since that term is way too vague. Also note that a movie made in, say, 1970 is over 40 years old and many here feel being over 40 years old qualifies a movies a being 'classic' (well assuming the movie is good!).


Note my POV is that TCM should limit post studio-era movies to no more than 20% (or so), of their programming. i.e. over 80% of their programming should focus on pre-1969 movies. But others here feel differently and that makes this a hot topic.

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What? Know you not that 1970 was a banner year for film? Just gander at this (only partial list) of memorable masterpieces:


Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Count Yorga, Vampire

Flesh Feast

I Drink Your Blood

Macho Callahan

Party at Kitty and Stud's

The Wizard of Gore


One cannot help but hug oneself when contemplating that vast resevoir of cinematic excellence.

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Nice selective list there to prove one point, but here's another to debunk it:












Again, only a partial list.


And again, I'll repeat the fact that one could peruse the list of movies made in ANY decade and find ones that stunk up the place mixed in with those old classics that we've come to love and revere.



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Well, it says there that THAT one WAS made in the year 1972, now doesn't it, rewrite?


And so, because 1972 is a whole 3 years AFTER 1969, then "of course" by "SOME folks' " definition, it "ain't no good", RIGHT???!!!




(...and so would you PLEASE stop askin' all these kinda "dumb questions" around here, dude?!!!) ;)

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>Well this is what happens when new members create threads. They don't know the history and that this one has been beaten to death



They are TCM subscribers too. The topic is important to them. The vast number of new board members who sign on the board to mention this topic should tell you how important it is to TCM subscribers in general.

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What FlyBack?! Did you miss catchin' my answer to you about this very same question you recently posed in another thread, and where I replied to it with three...count 'em THREE fairly recently done(which of course means, WAY after the year 1969) and very WELL done war flicks with the titles:


"Three Kings"

"The Hurt Locker"

"Zero Dark Thirty"




(...yep, maybe you just didn't see my earlier answer to ya, huh?!...well, you didn't acknowledge my earlier reply to ya, so maybe ya DID miss seein' it, eh?!)

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A 40 year old car might be worth something of value, but not a 40 year old movie. :)


You jest, but the percentage of 40 year old movies worth watching is way higher than the percentage of 40 year old cars that are still in one piece. And not even Last Tango in Paris is as bad as a 1973 Pinto, though admittedly it'd be a close call. ;-)

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I don't remember much about the music. I didn't see many films in the 70s. We had several retro theaters in San Francisco, and then Turner's old movie channel, WTBS, started on cable in 1976.


I got to see one of the early edits of the Coppola Napoleon reconstruction when he rented a theater and a couple of extra projectors and showed it to a large test audience. He even added the two large side screens. It was so long, it had two intermissions.


Funny thing about movies of the 1970s. Many turkeys which I purposely did not see at that time, TCM is now airing several, and some are repeated a couple of times a year.

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I was in Berkeley in the Summer/Fall of 1971 helping a friend set up bogus "film societies" on the UC campus in order to get cheap hall rent for his non-theatrical screenings of recent movies. At that point in Berkeley it was probably almost as easy to see movies from the 30's and 40's as it was to see then-current films.


My friend's friend, the director Mark Lester, provided the biggest buzz of the season somewhere in San Francisco with his premiere of the Cockettes' film Tricia's Wedding, a lampoon in drag of Tricia Nixon's recent betrothals. You haven't truly lived until you've seen the "Kennedy Sisters" singing "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me". ;-)

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