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Osborne at War


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I noticed, what looks like a synchronization problem also, several weeks ago... i.e. Osborne's speech/mouth.


I'm interested in what new filming technique is being used, as opposed to earlier recorded presentations.


There's a too obvious delay, which is disconcerting, to say the least.


Hello, TMC??? Hello???

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I was wondering when I would see some posts about the change in how we shoot Robert's wrap arounds.


I'm the guy in charge of all of that and you are correct we've changed the technology in an effort to make Robert's intros look more like film. Unfortunately it's not looking as good as it should. We are working on the problem though and if we can work out the bugs then I think you'll really like the results. If we can't work things out though we'll revert to the tried and true method. Look for things to improve late in June -- yes we work that far ahead of air.


Thanks for your comments.

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Thanks, tcmproduction1.


It's a funny thing--I knew you had switched from video to film, but I think you are right that the video makes Robert (and Ben M) seem more present, and more as if they are coming to you live.


I used to like this about Masterpiece Theatre presentations, too. ;)

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for saying this about how things on film seem different and less present than video.


I used to think I was nuts, when I would feel that things on film seemed not live, but things on videotape seemed to be happening as I watched them transpire. There was the whole season of "Twilight Zone" which were the hour episodes I think, that were not on film, and seem so live to me. I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels this way about the difference inherent to each mode of filming.



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