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Glenda Farrell Day!!! Thurs, Aug 29!!! Boomchakkalakkalakka!!! Oh yeaaaaah!

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First, mark, you're right. The new changes are from hunger. I guess they ran out of black ink when it came to the page numbers. If you hover reallllllllllllllllly slowly, you may find page 2 and 3, etc.


Oh, and the middle blip before the movie starts - where did it go? The new one? It stinks.


On Glenda, right-e-o on all the choices. I am curious that some of these weren't on Saturday with Ben when I thought he showed each and every GF movie, unless I was out doing chores. Looks like Sans and I are the only ones without a DVR.


A glued to the set day, like back in the day when TCM was great, and not merely middling. Good thing the SUTS month choices weren't excellent, or I wouldn't have been able to eat or drink all month! As Gahagan says: what a day, what a day!


Rock on, mark!


Oh, anyone notice the fake note to the G-man, presumably from the Skipper's weasel of a boss, was missing the 'i' in 'Division'? That would have been a tip-off on CSI.

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Well, it looks like I was able to record everything I wanted on Glenda day! YAY! But I was forced to watch 3 movies back to back when I got home from work (Thank God I could rewind the DVR a bit for the first one) as I couldnt record anymore! So I had to put everything else on hold till 9:30 or so! LOL. Of the 3 through Smart Blonde (didnt watch the rest), the Torchy in Chinatown was the most interesting (and surprising ending!)

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What else is new? (Ben) I didnt watch beyond Smart Blonde as I'd seen the films before........Yeah, I know nothing about Glenda's personal life. Too bad nothing was said. I think she died relatively young (early 60s) Before I even knew who she was!!!

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I saw all of the movies and Chinatown had the best overall production values. As I said before James Stephenson is in the picture and that was only a year or so before he was in The Letter. Patrick Knowles, a very experienced WB contract player, was also in the film.


One thing about seeing all of these Torchy movies back to back is that one can see how they are 'programmers'. So for this type of serial picture I think one would get more enjoyment if they were seen at different times.

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Hibi, I'm so happy to hear that you were able to get everything on your DVR that you wanted to!!! And yeah, I think SMART BLONDE and CHINATOWN are two of the best, but please let me know what you think of FLy AWAy BABy from the daytime block, for example? I really dig on all the Torchy's!! And totally can't wait to spring this open for myself this weekend!!! I haven't had an opportunity to catch any of it yet, busy work week and I have to work some today too, but Sun and Mon? Look out, it's all Glenda for me!! :)


WBF, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the day as well! I totally agree, it's a glued to your telly kind of day for sure!!!

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