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Question for TCMProgrammer - Monogram holdings


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I understand that Warner Brothers owns most of the Allied Artist/Monogram library, including the final 11 Charlie Chan films (with Sidney Toler and Roland Winters).


However these don't show up in your libary. Is there a legal reason that these films are not in your library or is it simply the case the libary database doesn't include the Monogram library. (I couldn't get the Bowery Boys, which Warners also owns and plans to release to DVD, to come up either.)


Additionally, are there any plans to air the Monogram Chans (or any Monogram films) in the near future?


Thank you!

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many of these films are controlled by Warner Brothers but were not part of the original library that Ted Turner bought in the '80s


the Turner library is what has been the "core" of TCM since it started - while we license other titles from Warner Brothers (and other studios), our access isn't as complete as it is with the MGM, RKO and Warner pre-'50 titles


I hope that helps - it is confusiing and I might not have explained it well

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It does help TCMProgrammer. I understand what you are saying and I do sincerely appreciate your reply.


Hopefully more of the Monogram titles can make it to TCM in the future. I know that you had a Bowery Boys series several years ago and the East Side Kids features were regulars about a year ago.


Thank you.

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I'm one hundred percent with tcmviewwer. Please TCM, show us more Monogram movies, mainly their movie series that we can't see anywhere else, like Private Snuffy, Bomba, Kitty O'Day, Joe Palooka, ...

Also please show us Those great Columbia series like Boston ****, Crime Doctor, Ellery Queeen, Lone Wolf, I love a mystery...



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