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What happened to "I Know Where I'm Going" - it was schedule to air on 9/2

Fading Fast

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Hi, does anyone know what happened to TCM's schedule as it was supposed to show "I Know Where I'm Going" on 9/2 at 6am ET? It was published in Now Playing (September issue) and was on the on-line schedule as of last Friday morning, but now "IKWIG" is no longer scheduled and, instead, "Hester Street" is scheduled. Also, I haven't noticed any other changes to the schedule - just this one film. Any one know what happened? Thank you

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TCM reserves the right to make changes in their schedule, it happens many times.


Couple of questions I'm wondering about on Sept 2nd, why in the world is "Cinerama Adventure" (2002) rated *TV-14?* Is the 3 camera process too overwhelming for the young?


"How The West Was Won" (1962) will be presented in Letterbox but *which?* Standard 2.35 widescreen or Smilebox? The last time TCM presented these 2 movies together, "This Is Cinerama" (1952) was included. Happy I own the DVD/Blu-ray combo. :)

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It may be possible that the copy of the movie did not arrive or that they were informed that it was not truly available or that they discovered that the copy they received was not usable.


I believe that the copies are now all digital but they are distributed on physical media which can fall prey to UPS losses, damage, dope-smoking stock boys or any number of other issues.

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>mkahn22 said: I always assumed TCM just had a big library of these movies (an assumption based on nothing).





When Ted Turner bought MGM, the sale included the film library which not only had MGM films but also older Warner Bros.and RKO films. Those films were the basis for the TCM film library.


However in the mid-1990's Turner merged his company with Time-Warner which gave control of the library to Warner Bros. From that point on TCM had to lease every film it shows including what use to be in the TCM library. To complicate things even more, WB often leases those former TCM films to other networks which means TCM can't run them.


So to make a long story short, Ted Turner no longer runs TCM and TCM doesn't have a film library anymore.

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