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old civil war movie

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Does someone know the title of the civil war movie where the ending has a line of soldiers walking in formation down a country road. It's a never ending line. They just keep coming. There's a wounded soldier who is on his porch watching these men, some wounded, scrappily dressed, tired, beleaguered, etc.

Finally the man goes up to one of the last soliders in line and asks him where there all going. And the soldier intimates that they're going to heaven and asks him to come along. The guy realizes he's dead, I think.

Can you help? I'm teaching a class on civil war and this connection to the movie came up and I shared it with class, I'd like to show it.




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film versions of Bierce's "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" but in the French one that was the Cannes winner and was shown on the original "Twilight Zone" there is no ending like this. The guy just keeps running toward his home in his visions, and then finally...one hears the rope snap, and you see that he did not get away as he was dreaming, and is still hanging by the noose, as the soldiers walk away.


There is another TZ that is similar to what you say though, but I would have to look through my TZ Companion book for the title. Oddly enough, your description is also reminiscent of one of the segments of Kurosawa's "Ran".



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There is another short film titled "Chickamauga", also based on an Ambrose Bierce story. (I believe it was directed by Robert Enrico, who did the "Owl Creek" film.) I recall there is a scene in which dying Union soldiers crawl to a water hole in unison, in a sort of synchronized movement. But the eyewitness to this is a child, not a man, and I don't think there is any dialogue. Maybe Robert Enrico directed several short films based on Bierce stories?

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