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NOWHERE TO GO switched SCREEN formats in middle of film


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British film noir from 1958 NOWHERE TO GO aired on TCM 8/22, I finally got around to watching it last night...


I have TCM HD, and the info for the film indicated it was Letterboxed, but when the film began it was non-anamorphic ws, that is, only letterboxed within a full screen image.


But at about the 70 minute mark--and right in the middle of a scene--the image suddenly changed and widened to fill up almost all of my HD screen (there was a little masking at the sides of the image).


Did this happen for anyone else viewing thIS film? Damn strange, and makes archiving a copy of this disposable.

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I started to watch it, but got a phone call and never came back to it. From what I did see, the credits were surrounded by a black border on all four sides, so was the start of the film. I got maybe ten minutes into it, wondering if it was going to snap to the proper format.


The call came, and my brother can talk, so by the time that I got back to the film, it was filling my screen and I have no idea when the switch occurred. I was going to post about it on that day, but since it seems that board traffic has lessened with the blue makeover that has brought us back to the stone age otherwise, I figured that it wasn't worth the trouble.


So, maybe the interns who made the board changes have now moved into the control booth at the station to improve things there.

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