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Gigi and Being 16!


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I have my 16 year old grand (great) niece stay over tonight and showed her Gigi. I really think she loved it although there is nothing in her taste in music or film to tell me otherwise. Well, maybe "love" is too strong a word, but think she really liked it. I had told her it won 9 or 10 Oscars and after a while, she asked the right question - - - - "did Leslie Caron get nominated"?


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Well, I never liked it. But that's besides the point.


That she was willing to sit down and watch it at all was no small feat. I know folks in their 70's that refuse to watch a movie that's more than three or four years old.


Please don't hesitate to inform us of what OTHER old movies you're able to get her to see, and her reaction or opinions of such.



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Well Sepiatone, perhaps I neglected to say that I just took her to Paris. Good kid and I have not been there for 30 years. I thought she would like the story of a young girl falling in love, with, well, Louis Jordan, and all those beautiful views of Paris. I have several other films in mind and we agreed to do this on a semi regular basis. Any suggestions appreciated.

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