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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Sept 2-Sun, Sept 8!!


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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Sept 2-Sun, Sept 8!!


It's time to get on down with TCM once again as the grooves will resume their (mostly) weekly presence!! These will be what I will groove, or think I will groove to, each week, but feel free to suggest your own!!! It's a big old bad world of grooves and moves, so let's do it together!!


Before we hit it for Mon, Sept 2, I gotta shout it out for the Hitch Sunday tributes which kick off this Sun, Sept 1, with notably MURDER (1930) with Herbert Marshall, an early Hitch flick that I totally dig on!! I will say my preferences are generally for earlier Hitch, so that's my sweet groove spot for sure!! This flick airs at 10am EST and just before it, not Hitch, but my main man John Hamilton stars, along with Donald Meek, in an "Inspector Carr" mystery short from 1932, THE SKULL MURDER MySTERy!!! Dig these totally!! Also airing later in the day, midnight to be exact, is the 1926 THE LODGER, with Ivor Novello!!! Followed by a non-Hitch short, THE DEVIL'S CABARET (1928) with Charles "Ming the Merciless" Middleton himself!! Then at 2am it's one of my all time Hitch faves, BLACKMAIL (1929)!!! Gotta dig it!!!


Then it's on to Monday, and my biggest daytime groove is gotta be the riveting noir flick, PITFALL (1948), starring Dick Powell, Lizabeth Scott, Jane Wyatt, Raymond Burr, and John Litel. Directed by Andre De Toth, this is a flick I have not seen but heard tons about, and can't wait to check it out!!


Then Monday night, TCM kicks off one of its most ambitious theme presentations ever, across several days and months, "The Story of Film" kicks off in grand style with a host of early silent films, including AN EDISON ALBUM (1893-1912), LUMIERE'S FIRST PICTURE SHOWS (1895-1897), a documentary about this time period, 1895-1918, and so much more including A HOUSE DIVIDED (1913), FALLING LEAVES (1912), THE SQUAW MAN (1914), first of CB DeMille's 3 versions of this story!!, THE BIRTH OF A NATION (1915), and ORPHANS OF THE STORM (1921)!!! This totally freakin' rocks!!!


And it will continue to rock out on Tuesday night, but before we head there, Tuesday day will feature a Gilbert Roland fest, first with Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante, and Polly Moran in the pre-code comedy THE PASSIONATE PLUMBER (1932), airing @ 8am!! Up at 11:45am, it's a rare screening (premiere??) of ISLE OF MISSING MEN (1942), with Gilbert, John Howard, and Helen Gilbert!!! I've not ever seen that one and can't wait to do so!!!


Then Tuesday night we're back to the early silent flix, with INTOLERANCE (1916), WAy DOWN EAST (1920), HAXAN (1922), THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE (1922), and before we kick into Wednesday's daytime feature, THE WIND (1928) airing at 7:15am on Wed morning!!!


Brian Keith is the watchword for Wed daytime, with a block of his flix including a cold war agit-prop flick that looks like fun at 8:45am, THE BAMBOO PRISON (1955), followed by Brian and Bette Davis and Kim Hunter in another 50's themed flick, STORM CENTER (1956)!! Up at 1:15pm a Sam Peckinpah directed western, THE DEADLy COMPANIONS (1961) looks to rock the house with Brian, Maureen O'Hara, and Steve Cochran!!! Dig it!


It's been a rockin' week so far, but Thursday really kicks it into high gear with early talkie and pre-code flix throughout most of the daytime!!! Kickin' it off at 6am, it's Al Jolson in the landmark flick, THE JAZZ SINGER (1927)!!! Then it's Lew Ayres, Jimmy Cagney, my main man Dwight Frye, and Dorothy Mathews in THE DOORWAy TO HELL (1930)!!! If you've not seen this one and you dig early gangster flix, I highly recommend it!! Then it's Eddie G and Douglas Fairbanks Jr along with Glenda Farrell in the classic LITTLE CAESAR (1930), followed by Dorothy Mackaill and Lewis Stone in the pre-code THE OFFICE WIFE (1930)!! The pre-code portion of our day concludes with Babs Stanwyck, Ricardo Cortez, va-va-va-voom Joan Blondell, and Charles Butterworth in ILLICIT (1931)!!! Rocks!


Thursday nights belong to the sexy Kim Novak throughout the month of September and we kick it off with a documentary, live from the TCM Classic Film Festival!!! Wow, that's totally awesome!!! I can't wait to see that!! Later, we'll catch Kim in such rockin' flix as THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM (1955) with Ol Blue Eyes himself!!!, PUSHOVER (1954) a coolio noir with Freddie Mac, and 5 AGAINST THE HOUSE (1955), another coolio noir with Brian Keith!!


Friday kicks off with a Marsha Hunt two-fer...Marsha is such a cutie patootie!!! THE AFFAIRS OF MARTHA (1942), with Richard Carlson and Marjorie Main, followed by LOST ANGEL (1943) with Margaret O'Brien, James Craig, Donald Meek, and Keenan Wynn!! This is such a cool little under-the-radar flick!!! Then it's another one directed by Roy Rowland, A STRANGER IN TOWN (1943) with Frank Morgan, Richard Carlson, Robert Barrat, Porter Hall, John Hodiak, Chill Wills, and Donald MacBride--has a feel of a Capra flick, and one that I'd highly recommend!!


Friday Night Spotlight will be "Future Shock", and this week we kick off at 8pm with METROPOLIS (1927)--nuff said!!! Then the intriguing THINGS TO COME (1936)!!


Saturday, we pick up where we left off before SUTS at 10:45am with the "Nick Carter" series, this time it's PHANTOM RAIDERS (1940) with Walter Pidgeon in the lead role, along with beekeeper Donald Meek (totally cracks me up in this series!!), Florence Rice and Nat Pendleton!! Dig it!!


TCM Underground this week features THE AWFUL DR ORLOFF (1964) a creepy flick starring Howard Vernon!! Then it's the horror classic, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) with Boris, Colin, Elsa, Una, and Dwight!!! Late nights never had it so good!!


Then it's back to Hitch most of the day Sunday, with the one I'm most looking forward to up for the Silent feature (12:45am this week), and a flick I've not seen before, THE RING (1927)!!!


Whew, that's a pretty groovin' week if I ever did dig on one!!! Thanks TCM for the movin' picture grooves, and here's wishes to all my bro's and sis' here on the TCM boards to have yourself a groovy happy week, filled with lots of radical movie-enjoyment!!!

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I thank you for returning to your weekly grooves! :) They are a bright spot in the forum.


It is sad to say that I missed: *A Trip to the Moon* (1902) because the holiday changed my perception and I was feeling as if it was Sunday when it was Monday.


The high point for this week for me is: *Things to Come* (1936). It is a movie often overlooked. The artistry in it is amazing and I hope that all watch it.


I am happy to see the Nick Carter series! I have them all on one DVD so that I can watch them all together.

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Sans Fin, thank you so much for your kind words!!!!


Wow, this week is just so full of awesome flix, my head is literally spinning round and round!!!


After the last two nights...wow!!! And don't miss out on Thursday's pre-code morning! Gangsters, guns, dames, mugs, and early talkies!!! Breakfast of naughtiness!!! Dig it!

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