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Calling Caramelsmoothie


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Yeah, I thought of posting this in that "Hattie PT2" thread, but by the time I would have got done typing and then posting, THREE pages of irreverent and irrelevent tripe would have intervened, and it may or may not have been read by ANYONE, let alone you. Indeed, I have never seen a thread in ANY forum site move so FAST, yet go NOWHERE like that thread. So...


I'm assuming that you registered on this site because you have some affinity for "classic" movies. I can't imagine you merely came in here to stir the manure. So with that in mind, what opinions on old movies DO you have? I don't recall seeing your moniker attatched to any other post in any other threads( but that doesn't mean much. You may have responded to threads I don't bother with). We cover many diverse and interesting topics. Sometimes, more than ONCE! ;) After you've been here a short time, you'll see what I mean.


What types of old movies do you like? Are you a "pre-code" aficiando? Westerns? Noir? Silents? Comedy, horror, what?


Inquiring minds want to know!


Sepiatone PS: I would have sent this in a PRIVATE MESSAGE, but I sent you a PM before, and got no response.

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