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After the Fox


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with Peter Sellers and major scene stealer Victor Mature


I just watched this recently and couldn't get over how funny Victor Mature was


I tried to do a search to see if anyone had already started this topic but do not know where that is and also I had to guess which function is to go to the next page because it is invisible above

love the turquoise though very soothing to the eyes


also when I click post message a message pops up asking

"This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved"


"leave page" "stay on page"


I have to click Leave Page in order to post

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Yeah, Vic is a parody of himself in that film, and does quite a good job of it. I think he was brave to do it.


Although I doubt that any critics would consider *After the Fox* to be one of Sellers', or Vittorio de Sica's best films, I enjoy it a lot. Based on a Neil Simon play, and his screen play, great cast, and I like satire.

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