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why was Kim Novak crying ?


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DB thanks for adding your insights to your other posts. You know this sort of reminds me of The Dick Van Dyke Show . Here is a couple, Rob and Laura obviously not Jewish, most likely WASP and yet they have always reminded me of a Jewish couple, surrounded by Jewish friends and Jewish co/workers.. The show always seemed to have a Jewish sensibilty to me. The creators, writers, most connected with the show were Jewish. It was always a feeling that I got from that great tv show. That's probably the same sort of feeling that you get from the film ( of course Rob and Laura would be a much more flattering portrayl than either the Braddocks or Robinson's) , so you know I don't mean similiar in the sense of likability, just a feeling that you get that's been influenced by a pre concieved notion because of other factors.


One thing I think we can all agree on, is that *The Graduate* is a great film. Perfect for the times, a great music score and wonderful performances by the whole cast.

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>Whatever happened to poor Kim Novak? I havent read anything on here since yesterday. Maybe the header should be changed.........


You mean back there yesterday when I tried to introduce into the conversation that thing about Kim maybe makin' a pretty good Mrs. Robinson, and gettin' like only two peoples' responses to it, Hibi?


(...you mean somethin' like THAT, maybe?!) ;)

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I believe the fact that the Braddocks were Sunnis and the Robinsons were

either Shiites or Mennonites (hard to tell sometimes) led to a lot of the

conflict, and when someone brought a dog over to the pool party, that

just made things worse and soon there was a whole lot of tsuris going on.

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Yeah, I think Kim might've been okay for the "Wine and Roses" part, but I've always had the image of Remick as being able to play the "dressed-down" parts a little more believably....you know, a woman a little less "glamorous" and more the "attractive housewife of next door" type. And whereas Kim always seemed to be a little too "glossy" for such a part.


(...saaaay, come to think of it, how about LEE as Mrs.Robinson?)

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As long as I don't have to be too adorable. x


I wonder if that photo was taken when Kim was shooting

Vertigo. That looks a bit like the infamous grey dress suit.


I can see Kim co-starring again with Jimmy in Anatomy of a

Murder, though Lee Remick was great in that role. I'll bet that

Kim could make Jimmy go all um...er....well.....now wait a

minute....almost as well as Lee Remick did.

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Well ya know Twink, IF Mr. Robinson WERE Cary Grant instead of Murray Hamilton, then I seriously doubt the audience would be as ready to believe Mrs. Robinson would have gone after the little punk down the street with the big nose!


It's called "credibility", ya see!


(...and NOW can you see what Mike Nichols was up against while casting for this thing?!)



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Kim Novak was crying when she was discussing her experience making LIEBERSTRAUM

Below are her comments about the film and director Mike Figgis in an interview with Henry Sheehan:



*And I thought that Liebestraum was going to be a really important picture. When I read the script, I read from a totally different point of view . It?s like we were reading different scripts. The script that [director Mike Figgis] wanted was a different script than I had read. I don?t know if it was I read things differently, but it was different. I was really pleased he wanted me, and I thought he wanted me. But what I found out when we started shooting was that he wanted ?Kim Novak,? the Kim Novak he thought I was. Which was this puppet, again, to be made over.*

*He wanted what he thought Hitchcock had made over. But Hitchcock didn?t do that. [Figgis] didn?t know Hitchcock. So he treated me the way he thought Hitchcock must have, tried to manipulate me into doing exactly? I went crazy. Because, well, I was playing his mother. It was a true story, he wrote about his life and how he saw his mother. What I?ve been able to piece together since ? because it was a great pain for me , the whole project. But I realized after that he saw his mother through his eyes. That wasn?t who his mother was. I was his mother. By the time I read that script the first time, I knew exactly what was going on. There were so many layers again; that?s what attracted me. Layer on layer. But he didn?t want any of that. He wanted one layer, one note, one thing. I didn?t realize that was how he was playing the whole piece. It was so different than how I saw it. I saw this movie, I thought [prospectively] it was the greatest thing. It?s nothing like that.*

*Who am I to say? I still think he is a brilliant director. Maybe I have no right to say it, but why not? This is what I feel. I feel he was too close to that movie, that movie was too close to him. He couldn?t see it, he was not able to be objective. And I feel therefore he was not able to accomplish it. I think if he had given his script to someone else to do, maybe it would have been all right. Just like he could get someone else?s script.*

*It was such a painful thing for me because it took me right back to Harry Cohn and all that time. And back into saying, Look, for god?s sake, haven?t you heard it enough? We don?t want you to do anything. Just be ?Kim Novak.? I was so hurt and so distraught. That movie pained me more than any movie in the world could do. I left and that time it was, God, how many times do you have to tell me? Forget it already.*

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