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Cat Ballou 1965


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I'm new to the community, but LOVE movies :)


My question is about the movie Cat Ballou. There is, I think, a barmaid song that has the lines "your old and gray, lost your way, all your tomorrows are yesterdays. your teeth turn silver, your hair turns gray, because you are older today.


Does anyone know if that's right and who sang it? I've look everywhere for it.


Happy Saturday :)

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I love that song and used it here in the Games categories recently. I don't know who wrote it (whether it's an old song or whether De Vol who wrote the music for the movie wrote it in the style of an old song. De Vol wrote the songs for ...Baby Jane and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, which are in a similar style.) You can find information about it online -- I think the whole Cat Ballou script is online. It was sung by the Madam at the brothel (Dorothy Claire is listed as "singing tart" on IMDB), I think, with Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye joining in as well.




Here's part of it:


I'm old and gray, and I've lost my way

All my tomorrows were yesterday

I've bartered my graces for silks and for laces

My pure heart I've sold for silver and gold

And now I'm old!

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Yes, "Cat Ballou" is a favourite of mine. Maybe because TVO's "Saturday Night at the Movies" aired it fairly often.


Found these lyrics here:


Why are you weepin', weepin', sister?

Where have your lovers all gone?


?I'm old and gray, and I've lost my way,

All my tomorrows were yesterday?


You've bartered your graces,

For fine silks and laces -

Your heart?s been sold

For silver and gold,

And now?you?are old!



FYI, "SNAM" had its final show last Saturday.


Very sad that after airing for almost 40 years, the show is over:



The final three films were "The Lives of Others," "Black Book," and "The Train."


"SNAM" was a Saturday night must for many people for many years for Hollywood classics and international films, but the show was also

affiliated with York University in Toronto. Watching the films aired on the program was part of the university's curriculum for film students:


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great info = I wish I could find the original recording of Dorothy Claire , Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye . I always loved that song and scene in the movie. I just today found online the original poem from which the song was assembled ."Why are you weeping sister?" by Herbert Kaufman 1911 . The original poem has about 8 verses and the film's songwriter seems to have cherry picked the best lines from several to make 2 terrific verses . I'm not sure if i can include a link here but I'll try . - I like how Dorothy C sings in 1st person "I ___" and  Nat and Stubby sing "You ____" .


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