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Who were called the most beautiful? Who should of or shouldn't of?


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Who's been acclaimed by critics, prominent people in Hollywood in their opinion as the most beautiful on screen?


Here's my list.

Greta Garbo

Billie Dove in the early 1930's was called the most beautiful woman on screen.

Nina Mae McKinney

Dolores del Rio- yes indeed

Hedy Lamarr

Gene Tierney- I agree

Ava Gardner

I don't know if Rita Hayworth was ever called the most beautiful.


Ava to me was pretty or gorgeous but as the most beautiful, I don't think so but what I say don't count. She looks more handsome then beautiful, if you know what I mean? She had alot of harden features. I didn't like her with her hair short, the way they wore it in the 1950's. As for Hedy, she doesn't move me much. I never found her the most beautiful.


We got have 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth. I guess it's the way it's shaped that makes you ugly or pretty.


Who should of been called the most beautiful in my books is...


Nancy Carroll

Joan Blondell. She was so sexy and beautiful.

Virginia Mayo

Frances Gifford

Ann Sheridan

Dorothy Van Engle...a rare beauty

Francine Everett...perfect face

Dolores Moran- Marilyn Monroe move out the way.

Willor Lee Guilford

Ruby Keeler- she was the most prettiest and sweetest of the screen.

Myrna Loy


What's your list.

We all can never agree on one beauty. That shows our versatility. What looks good to us in our opinion, may not to the other. I would like to know what the fans find as beauty? What makes a woman beautiful?


Beautiful to me is one who's rare and no one resembles. I see so many Lana Turner's, Marilyn Monroe's, Betty Grable's. Their all american blonde and blue eyed girls. Beauty also is a way you carry yourself. I found as soon as I read about one's life, their beauty seem to fade.


Beauty isn't hard to attain. If we had used on us expensive makeup and professional makeup artists (who know the tricks and the trades) we could be called the most beautiful to. I believe in the illusion to so let me not kill it. I guess I want to ask how do we know who was naturally beautiful? I was reading about how Clara Bow wasn't so beautiful in the beginning of her career but she became one. That's true with many, when you look at them before Hollywood or in the beginning of their career, they were average looking girls.

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