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Which silent movies shown this month have you seen?


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I LOVE it, it's like a month long Silent Sunday. I've recorded more than I've actually seen so far, but we did see The Phantom Carriage, finally, and I saw Never Weaken the other night. I've also recorded to see later, The Wind, Greed, Way Down East, Metropolis, Intolerance, Safety Last, and some of the shorts like Canned Symphony. I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them right now.

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I have seen Metropolis, Intolerance, Canned Symphony, and The Thief of Baghdad. Love those Thomas Edison shorts. One I haven't seen since its only airing several years ago is "The Christmas Secret" (1898). I wish TCM shows that one again.


I tried to watch the Phantom Carriage but found it a bit boring. I have some rare silents in my movie collection i.e. "The Bluebird" (1917) and "Helen's Babies" (1924).


Have recorded several like "Nosferatu", "Rag Man" and "The Big Parade".


Grapevine video is a good source for silent movies


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The earlier the "silent", the more I like it. I can't give titles due to the fact I often come into them part or half way, but that the medium was in it's infancy, it's kind of like watching old film or video of your kid's first steps. The ingenuity of these film makers doing what they did with no earlier works to feed off of, or books on the subject to guide them is remarkable. These guys basically WROTE those books, so to speak.



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I agree with the previous poster 100%. :) The only silents I tend to watch all the way through are the comedies. I really appreciate Keaton, he was so creative, amazing. In general what these film makers did with sets, effects, the stunt work, etc was incredible, they were going into uncharted waters and like the early explorers they mapped out the paths for the future. Any true film buff has to appreciate these early films for that.


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