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Signing in from anywhere on Message Board redirects to Forum Home Page

Kid Dabb

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Not a real problem, and I know signing in every time before browsing will illeviate this, but..


When browsing the Forum and Threads without being signed in, an attempt to reply to a post redirects to the sign in page, then, after signing in, redirects you to the Forum Home Page - now you must renavigate to start your reply over again. Sometimes I forget to sign in and, even though it is my fault, it is no fun. This is especially frustrating when you haven't signed in, have done a Forum Search, found what you were looking for, have gone to that specific post to reply and.. bang, right back to the Forum Home Page.


At some future update could signing in from the middle of the Boards return you to your original activity/page that you started from? Right back to the specific thread/message you are trying to reply to?


Maybe consider this for a future update.


Thank you

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  • 4 months later...

(rock falls on head)


Ok. I've discovered a partial answer to this problem(?)


If you neglect to sign into the Message Boards before you go galavantin' around the Forums, then try to respond to someone's post, then get redirected to the sign-in page which, upon signing in, will redirect you to the Forum Home Page (away from the thread you were trying to respond to)..


Now you should be all signed in and on the Forum Home Page - trying desperately to recall the location of the forum, thread and post you were so happily attempting to respond to a mere 20 seconds ago.


From here, click your BACK ARROW to go back one page. Wait for the page to appear then click it again. This page should now contain the original post you were trying to respond to before you were sucked into the black hole of non-signed-in-iage... ness. On rare occasions, one additional BACK ARROW click is necessary.


I thank you


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  • 2 months later...

Well. What a wonderful surprise!  :)


Now.. Our upgraded Message Boards will let you sign in at any time on any page and not redirect you back to the Forum Page. You stay at the page your on to continue reading or reply as desired, saving a good 60 sec or more which may now be devoted to the stressful task of deciding which font and/or size to use when you get there  :P


Font and size.. font and size.. font and size..


"I often font and size about riding a horse through a misty forest as a dragon swoops to intercept.."


.. sorry

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