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Pasolini and Bunuel

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Has TCM ever shown any Pasolini films like "Mamma Roma" with the great Anna Magnani?


I realize they would be hard pressed to show Pasolini's "Salo" but the surprisingly reverent "The Gospel According to Saint Matthew" would seem to be a natural.


It was great to see TCM showing "Tristana" by Bunuel recently, and I'm sure "Los Olvidados" has not been seen here or "El" which inspired part of a very fab film which is being currently discussed all over these boards.


I guess if TCM does not play much Bunuel, one could always go to the networks and get the advertisers and sponsors for Odor-Eaters and Dr. Scholls to pay for a time slot.

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>Has TCM ever shown any Pasolini films like "Mamma Roma" with the great Anna Magnani?


Yes, *Momma Roma* has been on TCM but I can't remember if it was in the past couple of years or awhile back.

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Thank you both kingrat [good movie!] and lzcutter for your help.


As for you, Dargo2...very funny and though Grouch, being the first choice by Margaret Mitchell to play Rhett Butler has always been one of my favorites, I am less into Chicolin than I am my all-time heartthrob, Jack Oakie as Napolini in "TGD".


I triple dog dare you to top that one!

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Hmmmmm...okay...let's see here...


I gotta work with some kinda Jack Okey or another 'eye-talian' reference here, and preferably somethin' that ends in "-olini", RIGHT?!


Boy am I ever sorry I started with this whole "Marx Bros" shtick here NOW, 'cause you MIGHT be right! I might NOT be able to top yours here. I HATE when this happens!


(..oh, and btw, nope, I'm not "Godot", but I HAVE been known to keep many people waiting for me over the years..."Mr. Punctual" I'm not EITHER!) ;)

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Well now, sfpcc2 I would think the Videodrome Channel could show "Salo" or "The 120 Days of Sodom" or whatever it is called, as it quite comfortably fits in with their most admired programming aims.


Surely you have that channel in your cable or satellite line-up...hmmm?

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Thanks, lavenderblue for the "Bitter Rice" info!


Dargo, your very boastful comments about not dating for money, remind me of W.C. Fields describing his family as being poor but dishonest.


Bragging about not dating for money, is beneath you.


Unless of course you dated Christina Onassis.

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Yep, how'd ya guess?!


I'll never forget that time Christina came crusiin' up on her daddy's yacht that one time I was crusin' around in my old 15 foot little ski-boat, and all I said to her was, "Nope, sorry, you're just NOT my type, lady!"


(...okay, so it WAS mostly because she looked too much like her dad, but STILL....)

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Are you talking about the channel in the David Cronnenberg movie

Videodrome, is there some channel that I don't know about? I did a Google search and it led me towards the former conclusion, but I could be wrong.

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Of Bu?uel, TCM has shown:


Los Olvidados

Robinson Crusoe

The Exterminating Angel

Diary of a Chambermaid

Simon of the Desert

Belle de Jour


The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie


and, as part of the history of cinema series, will show--ulp--Un Chien Andalou.

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I'm afraid I know very little of Pasolini's work; I looked him up and I believe the only film by him I've seen is *The Decameron*. I did enjoy it, although not as much as the book (which is even raunchier than the movie.)


However, Luis Bunuel is a different story. He's an exceptionally interesting and innovative director. I wish TCM could / would show more of his films.


My favourite Bunuel film has got to be *The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeousie*. I've seen it several times, and it never fails to amuse and engage me.


Long ago I saw a Bunuel film set in Mexico City, about a bus or streetcar ride. I'd love to see that one again.

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misswonderly, you are likely thinking of Illusion Travels by Streetcar:




If you liked Discrete Charm (which is probably his most popular movie, and which I like, too), you might also like Cet Obscur Objet de D?sire (That Obscure Object of Desire).



For those who want to subject themselves to it, Sal? can be seen on YouTube.

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Thanks, slayton. Yes, that's the film I was thinking of.


I've seen *The Obscure Object of Desire*. It, too , is very good. I love the way Bunuel uses two actresses to play one character.


*The Phantom of Liberty* is also a fascinating and truly Bunuelian work (I don't believe I've ever said "Bunuelian" before. Hm.) And *The Exterminating Angel* - what a concept.


I've seen quite a few of Bunuel movies; they're all worth viewing. But *The Discreet Charm of the Bourgoisie* is my favourite.

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