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What is this photo from?

Richard Kimble

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That's a tough one. This appears to be a stock photo from way back. The only connection to entertainment I could find was on the cover of a package containing CBS Radio Broadcasts from the 40s (?)




There are also some blogs and dating websites. You may be able to ask the blogger where they got it, though it was probably from a stock photo service.

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Is this a test??? Looks like a tough one...


Another view of couple in photo here:




In colour here:




Date on calendar is February 1940 - a leap year.


Other version here:



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RM basically nailed it here. Stock photo of nobody in particular. The info on RM's link said these people are no longer alive. Didn't give particulars as to WHOM they were.


Now, don't you feel silly in making all those wrong guesses?


Don't know as much as you THOUGHT you did, eh? ;)



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I think I fail the test...


My guess is Alice Faye and John Payne doing some sort of promo photo for "Tin Pan Alley" (did the film premiere in February 1940?)...


Here's a still of Faye and Payne from "Tin Pan Alley":



I'm really reaching here, but it could be them in civvies doing some sort of promo for the film...


Otherwise, me know not...


Edited by: RMeingast on Sep 14, 2013 1:22 PM

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Don't know if this will help, but here's a listing of all the primary actors from the CBS Radio Workshop, since the picture was on a packaged recording of it:


William Conrad, Joseph Kearns, Billy Idelson, Herb Butterfield, Parley Baer, Lurene Tuttle, Doris Singleton, Vic Perrin, Gloria Henry, Charlotte Lawrence, Sam Edwards, Jack Kruschen, Byron Kane, Virginia Gregg, Vivi Janis, Lawrence Dobkin, Paula Winslowe, Roy Glenn, Stacy Harris, Billy Chapin, Dawn Bender, Marion Richman, Dick Beals, John Dehner, Peggy Webber, Frank Baxter, Hans Conried, Raymond Hill, Ben Wright, Russell Thorson, Raymond Burr, Lillian Buyeff, Lucille Meredith, Don Diamond, Bob Ballin, Forrest Lewis, Sam Edwards, Bert Holland, John Sylvester, Larry Haines, Elspeth Eric, Ken Lynch, Jimmy Dodd, George Ellis, Vincent Price, Harry Bartell, Jeanette Nolan, Louise Arthur, Jeanne Bates, Peter Leeds, Helen Kleeb, Janet Stewart, Martin Weldon, Margaret Whiting, Margaret Young, Lou Houston, Howard McNear, Eve McVeagh, Helen Hayes, Mary Jane Croft, Fred MacKaye, Robert Chadwick, Luis Van Rooten, Mason Adams, Jackson Beck, Ian Martin, Walter Kinsella, Adelaide Bishop, Alan Hewitt, Dan Ocko, Ed Prentiss, Guy Repp, Jack Manning, John Gibson, Robert Dryden, Roger De Koven, David Schoenbrun, Kenny Delmar, Audrey Christie, Barry Kroeger, Ed Latimer, Sara Churchill, William N. Robson, Helene Burke, Edwin Bruce, Frank Gerstle, Court Falkenberg, Ted Bliss, Alan Reed, Catherine Anderson, Sarah Fussell, Lawson Zerbe, Frank Baxter, Spepard Menken, Sammie Hill, Joseph Julian, Elaine Rost, Stan Freberg, June Foray, Daws Butler, Sam Pierce, Bill Thompson, Ted Bliss, Tracy Roberts, Richard Hale, Edward Marr, Hector Chevigny, Jan Miner, Larry Haines, Joe Forte, Jay Novello, Joe DeSantis, Leon Janney, William Redfield, Ralph Bell, Amanda Randolph, Sophie Tucker, Barney Phillips, James Nusser, Lou Krugman, Burna Raeburn, Staats Cotsworth, Virginia Kaye, Robert Readick, Richard Crenna, The Melo-Men, Jack Moyles, Joan Banks, Frank Goss, Shirley Mitchell, Ellen Morgan, Norma Jean Nilsson, Anne Whitfield, John Dehner, Betty Noyes, Ruby Dee, Leo Diamond, Tony Schwartz, Barry Flynn, Torin Thatcher, Henry Blair, David Frankham, Yoshko Nea, Herbert Marshall, Robert Young, VIctor Jory, Santos Ortega, Elliott Lewis, Barney Phillips, Edgar Barrier, William Redfield, William Quinn, Virginia Christine, John Kennedy, Del Sharbutt, Leone LeDoux, Eleanor Audley, Peter Lazer, Lee Vines, Paul Frees, Roy Glenn, Alice Frost, Jay Johnson, Dwight Weist, Ted Osborne


From this site:


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