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I recently watched a documentary on the Z channel and they mention that this film was originally broadcast in 6 one hour episodes in Europe. Does anyone know if the six hour version is available?

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My friend bought the movie version, which he found on the shelf at Borders, and then ordered the miniseries version while he was at Borders.


The one you want is called "Das Boot - The Original Uncut Version" and it retailed for $39.95, but I think it came in at a much lower price of around 30 bucks, when it finally arrived and the store called her to come pick it up.


It has a 293 minute run time, it is from the 1982 miniseries that you mentioned, and it was released in 2004 and its order ASIN # is: B0001XAOLQ.


Take that info to a Borders store, and they can order if for you, and it usually takes about seven days. Or you could probably order it directly on the Net through Amazon or Borders' websites.


Good luck!



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Thanks I live out in the boonies and it is has been quite helpful to be a member of the forum. I've been collecting and watching movies since i got a betamax back in 1975 and never was lucky enough to have a friend with the same interest in movies that i do.I always thought i was alone in my interests but it seems there is a growing family in cyberspace. I just got a computor this year and as yet have refused having a cell phone.

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