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VACATION FROM MARRIAGE, wonderful film !


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This is such a clever idea for a movie. A meek English husband and wife from London join the military during WW II, and they are separated for three or four years during the war.


Slowly, gradually, they become strong and tough during their hazardous wartime experiences. Then after the war, they know they must get back together, and both of them are now too strong and independent to want to go back to the same old meek spouse.

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This film won an Academy Award for:


Best Writing, Original Story by Clemence Dane


I think the acting is great too. They seem so real, like real people.


Robert Donat ... Robert Wilson


Deborah Kerr ... Catherine Wilson


Glynis Johns ... Dizzy Clayton


Ann Todd ... Elena



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Donat and Kerr are a perfect match in this film, and the director did a great job of slowly and gradually showing the husband and wife gaining independence and strength of character over the 3 year period. And I love these types of films that show average British people being very strong and brave during the War.

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Just got around to this, and I too enjoyed it very much. I was impressed at just how frumpy and plain the two very-attractive leads managed to appear at the film's opening. :)


I'm reminded of just how much I adore Robert Donat. He was so charming - yet relatable. It's a shame that circumstances, including health troubles, left us with a limited filmography to enjoy. He's the epitome of the Hitchcockian leading man in The 39 Steps and wonderfully vital and dashing in The Count of Monte Cristo.


Oh, and maybe it's just me, but I always relish the chance to see the adorable Glynis Johns, as well.

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A few more random thoughts on the matter:


1. Anyone else catch Peter Lawford's brief opening narration?


2. Maybe this can be chalked up to the fact that I don't drink anything harder than cider vinegar, but "pink gin" was a new one to me.


3. Gotta say - I loved Donat's take on his marital situation while he and his buddy are waiting for his wife's arrival and scrutinizing old "snaps" of the couple - "She married that great **** - not me! I don't want that!" :D Brings to mind the oft-quoted Groucho Marx line about not belonging to any club that would have him as a member. :)

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