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" Soylent Green" (1973)


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I haven't seen "Elysium", but I have heard of it's telling an old story with a new cover. You feel the same as me about "Soylent Green". Edward G. Robinson's final scene is indeed a moving one. Charlton Heston, who has never experienced the 'better days', is struck silent in awe of the beauty and abundance of natural resources once available on a now dying Earth. With each viewing I too become absorbed in the moment, feeling their conditions fast approaching in our time. The discovery of Soylent Green's origins presents a logic of survival that is truly inescapable. This could, indeed, come to pass.

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Soylent's always been one of my favorites, I couldn't resist watching it again. I don't think Robinson was that impressive during his death scene, all he did was gape at the pictures. He was empathically outstanding in his other scenes. I believe this was his Last Movie, a nice send-off for a wonderful actor. I wasn't a fan of Harry Harrison and I've never read the novel. Is the film much different from the book? I drew a comic picture of a box of Soylent Breakfast Flakes, the logo was a trawler at sea. The box advertised a Pacific Ocean Adventure contest, the prize was a two-month voyage. I've forgotten what the ingredients were but I find it and report back.

Aha, I found it! processed cyanosalicyclic algae and sundry organic detritus; talciferous excorbiate; potashium mondonitrate; enzymblematic dyspeptide; isotryptopyroglycolytic lipozoid; gluteal synthophonetic pholsphosacchalyze; micropolyester fiber; MSG added to packing material to eliminate taste

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Was reading about this dude, Rob Rhinehart, who was created a food substitute he named Soylent:



Americans get to try Soylent as of March 1, 2014, and Canada is to be the first international market for the stuff soon after.


Rhinehart said he got the name of the product from the novel the movie is based on: "Make Room! Make Room!"


Wiki page about the product here:



Official site here: http://www.rosalabs.com/


And you can order your Soylent here:



U know, to have something to drink/eat the next time "Soylent Green" in aired on TCM...

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I should have mentioned that Harry Harrison is the author of the novel.


But I wonder what the new stuff tastes like. Are people going to be making nervous jokes when they eat it?


And here's a suggestion for a cross-endorsement --

"Hannibal Lecter says Soylent Green is delicious!"

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This movie has aged very well. It's still exciting, thought provoking and in the scene with Eward G. Robinson surprisingly moving.


No agreement from me. Nothing against Eddie G, but this movie has just gotten more stupid with age - and it wasn't exactly heady stuff when it was new. Simple-minded and completely unconvincing.

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