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The Man Who Could Work Miracles (1936) 9-21 AM


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Sept. 21, Sat 7:45 AM Eastern



Very early in the AM.


Record it or watch it.


This is a very fun old film about a guy who was given the power to do anything.


Well, as you can imagine, this leads to various disasters and impossible situations, which the screenwriters handle very well, in an unusual type of film, that is a drama-comedy that's a lot of fun. Watching all the confusion result and getting worse, is interesting, and also there are some philosophical discussions about what the guy should do to help the world, but if he does some things to help, that would be a disaster..... such as making an infinite amount of paper money for everyone. Then, paper money becomes worthless. :)


This is based on a brilliant H.G. Wells novel.


This seems to be a rare film. I haven't seen it on TV since the 1950s or 60s.

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I haven't seen it in 30 years and I'll be happy to replace the VHS that I made of that broadcast.


This was one of those perennials at NYC revival theaters in the 60s, always paired with THINGS TO COME and I saw them at the Thalia and the New Yorker theaters.


Very good film - and here's to things being put "in apple pie order."

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Hi MaryLyn,


For years I had only a slow-speed connection to the internet and I couldn't watch the movies on YouTube except as stop and go segments, but now I can see entire films in real time.


I generally won't post a link to a movie that is coming up on TCM, but I sometimes will post one that has already shown, especially early in the morning, for people who happened to miss it on TCM.


With newer computers and newer LCD TVs, they have special plugs/jacks in the back so that we can connect one cable from our computer to the new TV and see the YouTube films on our large screen TV. The quality is probably not as good as seeing it on TCM, but at least we can see rare films that TCM doesn't have.


That gives us TCM-1 and TCM-2, in a manner of thinking. :)


Also, you can search around and find some other computer sites that show rare old movies, such as Archives dot Org, and a few others.

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Thanks again, Fred. I had to watch it on my computer and that worked out just fine. Since it was Hitchcock Day on TCM, I did not have access to one TV and the other TV had the Phillies game. So everyone got to watch what they wanted to watch.


There are so many old movies that I have yet to see and am glad when people make note of some of these treasures.

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