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I love TCM truly, tragically, tenderly ? in fact, it?s the only reason I have cable. You guys do such a great job programming I feel presumptuous in offering any suggestions, but I would certainly love to see the films listed below. Some are quite rare, others you?ve probably already shown (I?d like to say a special word for House by the River, though ? a remarkable film that?s almost never seen in a decent print.)


One additional point: would it be possible for TCM to start listing the ?One Reel Wonders? on the site? There?s so much fascinating stuff in there, but it?s purely a matter of chance what one sees. For instance, you may well show the Jacques Tourneur shorts mentioned below, but I would have no way of knowing.


**Fritz Lang


Secret Beyond the Door

Man Hunt

Human Desire

Scarlet Street


**Joseph H. Lewis fest

So Dark the Night

My Name Is Julia Ross

Falcon in San Francisco

Undercover Man

Cry of the Hunted

Minstrel Man

The Invisible Ghost

Mad Dr. of Market Street


**Tourneur shorts


The Man in the Barn

The Boss Didn't Say Good Morning

Romance of Radium

What Do You Think?

Strange Glory

What Do You Think? (Number Three)

The Face Behind the Mask

What Do You Think?: Tupapaoo




7th Heaven

Strange Cargo

Till We Meet Again

History Is Made at Night

Little Man, What Now

Man?s Castle


The River

Bad Girl

Street Angel



Nuit du Carrefour



Phenix City Story

99 River Street

Tight Spot

5 Against the House

Brothers Rico



The Randolph Scott Westerns


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one Ned Sparks' movie?


I thought for sure you'd have "42nd Street" on your wish list.


You have mentioned some favorites of mine, and also other films I have always wanted to watch, which don't show up on tv much. I've seen Lang's "Secret Beyond the Door", and "Human Desire" and "SS" and most of his classics, but I have not had the pleasure of seeing "House by the River" with Louis Hayward, but my friend says it has some very pre-"Les Diaboliques" touches, which I would enjoy.


Being a big fan of Joseph H. Lewis, I can only say that "My Name is Julia Ross" is a B-classic, and that it outshines so many more well known A-films of the period. George MacReady is frightening enough in films, without being totally psychotic and a mama's boy, particularly if the mama is Dame May Whitty. I've not seen some of the others you mention by Lewis, and would particularly like to see "The Mad Doctor of Market Street" with Lionel Atwill.


Tourneur is always worth watching, and those short titles you mention are very intriguing. And Borzage does not get much air time nowadays either, except for his major films like "Seventh Heaven" with Gaynor and Farrell, so it would be fun to see "Moonrise" again, which is a great film with Dane Clark, or the other ones you mention, some of which are obscure as you say, particularly "Liliom" with Rose Hobart, which I'd kill to see.


For some reason, Karlson films seem to be shown more on tv roundabouts where I live, and I've seen all the ones you mention and they are all excellent, and his documentary style is so refreshing, in things like "The Phenix City Story".


TCM has a great schedule already, but the films you mention would be fun to see in the future I'm sure and I enjoyed reading all your selections.





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