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Places opting for transferring homeless instead of other methods


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It sounds distressing, but a number of places are starting to use a new tactic to deal with destitute populations, namely relocation. A growing number of city governments are trying their hand at relocating destitute people, though it's not quite what it seems. Source for this article:

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Salvation Army in oil-rich ND town transferring destitute




CNN reports that a shortage of housing has forced Williston, N.D., one of the towns benefiting from the oil boom in that state, to start deporting the homeless. It's not what it sounds like; these aren't forced relocations.




The prices are ridiculously high in Williston with the high number of people moving there and an unemployment rate of less than 1 percent in the area. According to Jimmy McMillan, there are too many people, leading to higher housing costs. People are just living on the streets instead.




With many donations, the Salvation Army of Williston is providing plane, train, or bus fare to get home. They can even get fuel cards. Really, this ought to help relocate some destitute people.




Saves cash




The gas vouchers are usually only around $80, but the Salvation army of Williston is still relocating homeless people at about 20 per month. They are being asked to leave, not being forced.




Destitute people in New York City got a similar deal in 2009 when a new policy was started, according to the Guardian. As long as they could prove there was a place for them to stay in a different city, they were offered free transportation to that area. This incorporated trips all over the nation and trips to France, South Africa and Brazil.




It only costs a little money to get a plane ticket compared to the $36,000 a year needed to keep a family in a city-run shelter. This is the best way to save money in New York. In fact, 550 families have already left town between 2007 and 2009 with the program.




Does not solve the issue




Critics have opined that it doesn't solve the problem of homelessness, but merely relocates it. However, that's hardly stopped numerous cities from trying it.




San Francisco offered one way tickets out of town in 1999, according to Time Magazine. Before Atlanta held the 1996 Olympic Games, it instituted a program offering one way seats out of town, according to the Seattle Times.




The Tampa Bay Times reports that St. Petersburg offered a one-way ticket out of town in early 2011 while Fort Lauderdale nearby did the same thing, according to NBC News. These kinds of tickets were also offered in 2009 and Lancaster, California at the Grace Resource Center, according to the LA Times.




According to Gawker, the homeless shelter in HI called the Summer Destitute Men?s Shelter was trying to get more people to come in 2010. They were soliciting to homeless people for this reason.










The Guardian


Seattle Times

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