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What I have seen of it I have been impressed. WWII in Color was done beautifully. I also like the new process much better than the 90's one.

I have a small collection:

King Kong

The Thing

Earth vs. Flying Saucers

It Came From Beneath The Sea

White Zombie

The Most Dangerous Game

Terror By Night

Dressed To Kill

Woman In Green


Things To Come


I know there are people who object to this. Its like tinting on silent movies. Sometimes the tinting is done too heavily.

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I know I have a difficult time watching the first two seasons of The Flintstones (1960-1966) in black and white. I wonder if they are available in a colorized version? What were the producers thinking? Black and white?


We are Flintstones Kids..............ten million strong.........and growing !

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I know the series The Color of War on the Military Channel is footage shot in color. I believe Apocalypse: The Second World War on Smithsonian is black and white stock that is colorized.


Are you referring to World War II in Color ?


According to IMDb, the series is indeed colorized.

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The Flintstones were first in black and white probably for two reasons.


Originally, it was an animated "sitcom" intended for "grown-ups". The producers weren't sure if the concept would catch on, so why waste the expense for color?


In the early '60's, 80% of American households still had black and white TV sets, so why waste the expense for color?


I do know that THOSE first seasons were eventually color treated, although I don't know the proccess used.



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About The Flintstones, reading the wiki entry (and also reading about The Jetsons) all of the shows were done in color but the first two seasons were first broadcast in black and white because many tv stations couldn't broadcast in color. Once the shows were rerun in syndication they were always shown in color. Hanna Barbera did the Flintstones and earlier did Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, etc and all were in color.


Edited by: mrroberts on Sep 22, 2013 12:49 AM

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