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Need help with a Short Film title?!?


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Hello all-


I sure as heck hope one of you can help me find the title of a Short Film that was on TCM last Thursday May26/Friday May 27.


It played after the movie "Ansiedad" and was a "filler" therefore the title was not listed on the TV Guide, nor did I catch the beginning of the movie.


It seemed to be filmed ca. 1930-1933 and was about a woman who had let herself go, therefore lost her man to another 'better' looking woman, only to go to a Salon and have herself made over so she could get him back.


The female character's name was "Lola" and she sang a song that I think was something like "Broadway Baubles" or...? I know it was Broadway B-something.


I feel horrible that I haven't more information to give. If I can excuse myself in any way, I had just worked a 9hr shift and got home after midnight, only to have to get up at 5am for another commitment, therefore my brain wasn't working as well the next day as I had hoped and all that I had thought I committed to memory was lost. (well that happens a lot, but figured if I gave a valid excuse someone would pity me and help?)


I believe it was an RCA film with Vitaphone (or could have been RKO?)


I had hoped I could find the film in this website under the schedule of that day (no luck) or contact TCM directly, but can't find their number.


Reading the posts that are here, I can't help but hold out hope that one of you know which film I am talking about and either name the title of the film, or give me more clues in which to search it out, or a way I can contact the programmers at TCM.


It's not a great film by all means... but I think the film might contain a relative in the dancing chorus, so anxious to find out all that I can.


Thanks much for any help you can give me!


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