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Star Wars + WW II


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I believe I've discovered an anagrammatic code about WW II in the Star Wars prequel movies. Lucas referred to specific people, countries and even battles. The 4 page article concerns Lucas's 3 allegories (WW II plus Hero Cycle and classic movie allusions). The list of WW II references includes 235 items. Examples:

*Nute Gunray speaks with a Asian accent

*Amidala wears gowns patterned after Imperial Chinese court dress and Edwardian England

*Jar Jar resembles Charles DeGaulle (big nose, big ears), both of whom continually disrupted the plans of their "allies"

*Jango rhymes with Franco (Hitler's hired gun)

*The name "Count" Dooku is derived from "Marshall" Stalin whose real name was Dzugashvili

*Yoda paraphrases Churchill

I don't believe it's proper etiquette to post my web site's address but if you google "Star Wars and World War 2," you'll find it. Military history buffs are invited to check it out.


I have a question about the war film genre. Is this genre limited to films portraying realistic warfare or is sci-fi combat applicable? (I've already mentioned my website on the sci-fi forum.) I raised a similar question on the Westerns forum and was informed that colonial frontier movies didn't qualify, only west of the Mississippi. I noticed that ancient wars have been discussed on this board, even ones involving metaphysical acts by Greek and Roman gods.


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