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THE BIG PARADE on TCM in Prime-time!


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>They were a perfect match. When she held onto his leg and wouldn't let go, I just had 'goosebumps' all over, such a powerful scene !


>The photography was stunning and added so much to the movie as well as the music. I have an overall greater appreciation for Silents, my 3rd now !


This restoration is the way silent films usually looked in the theaters when they were first shown. Very high quality, very good image. In larger cities the theater would have an orchestra. In small towns just a piano player.


With good filming and acting like this, not many words were needed, and the title cards showed the few words that were needed. I've heard that sometimes adults would read the title cards for the kids during the movie.

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Take a look at this list of films that King Vidor directed, including the Kansas scenes in The Wizard of Oz, and a documentary short in 1980


In 1952 when I was a kid, I saw JAPANESE WAR BRIDE. Marie Windsor was nasty to the young Japanese girl. That's about all I remember of the film, except that the boy's family didn't want a Japanese girl in the family, so soon after the war. I hope some day TCM will find a copy of that film. I haven't seen it in 61 years. Most people on this board weren't yet born. :)



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<..not many words were needed ..>


....like two people in love, "not many words are needed!"


That's precisely what kept me glued to the movie, the fact that no words were spoken. The need to pay attention is greater then that of a talking movie.


There seems to be something 'Magical' about Silents ! Something that can't be 'pinpointed' !



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Very interesting.


I used to go to many grown-up type films with my parents, and many of them had foreign characters in them, and I just naturally grew up multi-cultural (Hollywood liberal, I suppose). :)






I remember those old days, when I was a kid and a teenager in the South.


Very few people of different races knew each other or lived near each other. But sometimes they would meet in college.


The first Asian I ever met in person was in college in 1962, a Chinese girl, from Taiwan. She and I worked on the college newspaper together, and we had an annual staff dinner, and since we didn't have dates, the editor suggested I take her, so I did. It was a strange feeling for me, my first in-person Asian, and I was on a date with her! I often wonder what she was thinking. I think she had a little accent, so I think she was born in Taiwan.

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How do you get the track to play? I have seen that site before and I know you can listen to the music, but I don't remember how?


It is true that Big Cites had Symphony Orchestra's with as much as a 100 players. Some Times alternating with a Theater Organ, occasionally playing together. However, many medium size theaters had Small House bands, or a Jazz Sextet, or a 9 piece Tango Orchestra. As Kevin Brownlow remarked even the cheapest theater could afford both a pianist, and a violinist.

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Oh OK. I knew there was an Icon of some sort, but I couldn't find it. I guess because it was never there to start with.


In the past couple of years We have seen TCM debut the restored WINGS, a new Transfer of WHAT PRICE GLORY?, and at long last THE BIG PARADE. Now if we could just get THE PATENT LEATHER KID, and especially, LILAC TIME. Part of the reason we haven't seen this movie on TCM is that a chunk of it is missing. Originally 11 reels in Road Show release, only 8 are known to still survive. THE PATENT LEATHER KID appears to exist in-tact.

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I found it yesterday.





For that "sound" reissue MGM had a whole new music score recorded. If we ever get to see that version, here's a listing in order of all the music cues used:


1. The Big Parade March (William Axt)

2. Mighty America, From Yankiana Suite (Thurban)

3. Slim Theme (William Axt)

4. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

5. Sultan of Swat (Walter Donaldson)

6. Original Music (William Axt)

7. Original Music (William Axt)

8. Dear Little Boy of Mine (Ball)

9. School Days (Gus Edwards)

10. Over There (George M. Cohan)

11. Pack Up Your Troubles (Powell)

12. Over There (George M. Cohan)

13. Dear Little Boy of Mine (Ball)

14. American Festival Overture (Kretschmer)

15. Keep the Home Fires Burning (Novello)

16. School Days (Gus Edwards)

17. Tommy Lad (Margetson)

18. Trumpet Call

19. Where Do We Go From Here (Percy Wenrich)

20. You're in the Army Now

21. Where Do We Go From Here (Percy Wenrich)

22. You're in the Army Now

23. Madelon (Robert)

24. Pack Up Your Troubles (Powell)

25. Original Music (William Axt)

26. I Ain't Got Weary Yet (Percy Wenrich)

27. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

28. You're in the Army Now

29. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

30. You're in the Army Now

31. K-K-K-Katy (O'Hara)

32. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

33. Slim Theme (William Axt)

34. Mirth and Merriment (Delille)

35. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

36. Over There (George M. Cohan)

37. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

38. School Days (Gus Edwards)

39. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

40. Slim Theme (William Axt)

41. My Buddy (Walter Donaldson)

42. March and Sweat (William Axt)

43. You're in the Army Now

44. Sultan of Swat (Walter Donaldson)

45. Comrades (McGlennon)

46. When Yankee Doodle Learns to Parlez Vous (Nelson)

47. Original Music (William Axt)

48. Playful Theme (William Axt)

49. K-K-K-Katy (O'Hara)

50. Playful Theme (William Axt)

51. You're in the Army Now

52. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

53. This is the Life (Irving Berlin)

54. Slim Theme (William Axt)

55. Original Music (William Axt)

56. Playful Theme (William Axt)

57. When Yankee Doodle Learns to Parlez Vous (Nelson)

58. Mademoiselle from Armentieres

59. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

60. When Yankee Doodle Learns to Parlez Vous (Nelson)

61. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

62. Slim Theme (William Axt)

63. Trumpet Calls

64. Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle)

65. Playful Theme (William Axt)

66. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

67. Over There (George M. Cohan)

68. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

69. Playful Theme (William Axt)

70. When Yankee Doodle Learns to Parlez Vous (Nelson)

71. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

72. Playful Theme (William Axt)

73. Original Music (William Axt)

74. Stand Up and Fight (Cohan)

75. Playful Theme (William Axt)

76. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

77. Playful Theme (William Axt)

78. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

79. Aw, Sammy (O'Hara)

80. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

81. If He Can Fight Like He Can Love (Meyer)

82. Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle)

83. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

84. Au Clair de la Lune

85. Cadet Rouselle

86. Original Music (William Axt)

87. Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle)

88. Characteristic Theme (Roberts)

89. Au Clair de la Lune

90. A Game of Tag (Trinkaus)

91. Playful Theme (William Axt)

92. Original Music (William Axt)

93. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

94. Original Music (William Axt)

95. Agitato #5 (William Axt)

96. Original Music (William Axt)

97. Characteristic Theme (Roberts)

98. My Buddy (Walter Donaldson)

99. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

100. Agitato #5 (William Axt)

101. Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle)

102. Original Music (William Axt)

103. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

104. Slim Theme (William Axt)

105. Playful Theme (William Axt)

106. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

107. Eat Your Chow (William Axt)

108. Good Morning Mr. Zip-Zip-Zip (Lloyd)

109. Original Music (William Axt)

110. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

111. When Yankee Doodle Learns to Parlez Vous (Nelson)

112. If He Can Fight Like He Can Love (Meyer)

113. Pack Up Your Troubles (Powell)

114. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

115. Slim Theme (William Axt)

116. School Days (Gus Edwards)

117. Playful Theme (William Axt)

118. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

119. Trumpet Calls

120. Slim Theme (William Axt)

121. Original Music (William Axt)

122. Yankee Doodle

123. Original Music (William Axt)

124. Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle)

125. Original Music (William Axt)

126. It's a Long Way to Berlin (Flatow)

127. Over There (George M. Cohan)

128. It's a Long Way to Berlin (Flatow)

129. Over There (George M. Cohan)

130. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

131. The Big Parade March (William Axt)

132. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

133. The Big Parade March (William Axt)

134. Aeroplane March (Braham)

135. Trumpet Calls

136. Pack Up Your Troubles (Powell)

137. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

138. Slim Theme (William Axt)

139. Original Music (William Axt)

140. Yankee Doodle

141. The Big Parade March (William Axt)

142. My Buddy (Walter Donaldson)

143. Original Music (William Axt)

144. Trumpet Calls

145. The Battle of Ypres (Borch)

146. Slim Theme (William Axt)

147. Original Music (William Axt)

148. Battle Agitato (Minot)

149. O'Hara Theme (William Axt)

150. Slim Theme (William Axt)

151. The Big Parade March (William Axt)

152. My Buddy (Walter Donaldson)

153. The Watch on the Rhine (Wilhelm)

154. Keep Your Head Down Fritzie Boy (Gitz Rice)

155. The Yankee Doodle Boy (George M. Cohan)

156. Trumpet Calls

157. Slim Theme (William Axt)

158. My Buddy (Walter Donaldson)

159. Original Music (William Axt)

160. Trumpet Calls

161. Comrades (McGlennon)

162. Original Music (William Axt)

163. Slim Theme (William Axt)

164. Original Music (William Axt)

165. Slim Theme (William Axt)

166. The Watch on the Rhine (Wilhelm)

167. My Buddy (Walter Donaldson)

168. Battle-Tumult-Blaze (Becce)

169. Original Music (William Axt)

170. Battle-Tumult-Blaze (Becce)

171. Killarney (Balfe)

172. Battle-Tumult-Blaze (Becce)

173. Original Music (William Axt)

174. Battle Hymn of the Republic

175. Original Music (William Axt)

176. My Buddy (Walter Donaldson)

177. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

178. Original Music (William Axt)

179. Patrie (Bizet)

180. Original Music (William Axt)

181. Patrie (Bizet)

182. Battle-Tumult-Blaze (Becce)

183. Onward Christian Soldiers (Sullivan)

184. Original Music (William Axt)

185. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Lambert)

186. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

187. School Days (Gus Edwards)

188. Original Music (William Axt)

189. Dear Little Boy of Mine (Ball)

190. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

191. Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle)

192. Original Music (William Axt)

193. Marseillaise (Rouget de Lisle)

194. Original Music (William Axt)

195. Douce Fievre (Y'Ener)

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Fred, Musical Novelty,


Yeah that it. Thanks. Much. This is essentially a scaled down version of the original 1925 Axt-Mendoza score played at Road Shows with live Orchestra's. There may be some different music subbed here and there. But the entire '25 score still exists at least on paper. Even if there are no recordings. The same one that Robert Israel has performed live with his Orchestra, and also played on Wurlitzer live. Israel is a versatile guy.


When I say scaled down I refer to the number of musicians. Studio recordings had a Maximum of maybe 25 players. Rather then a 40-50 piece Orchestra live. Many of the vintage performances of Axt score may have had a 75 to 100 players. Although if I recall correctly Israel Orchestra consisted of just 15 or 19 members. I'll have to find the festival ad's to check. These screenings took place in November of 2004 for the East Cost 35 millimeter Restoration premiere, and at AMPAS in L.A. in March of 2005 for the West Cost Premiere.


You can see that several of the cue's were retained by Carl Davies. It's interesting that Karl Dane's Slim had his own theme composed by Axt, while Davis opted for a segway to "The Band Played On"? I wonder what the Axt - Slim theme sounds like?

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