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"Good Morning"... Boffo!


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Decided to stay up last night to watch this Ozu film and it was wonderful. Kind of had a feel as if Jacques Tati met up with Monty Python in Tokyo to come up with the plot and comedic elements.


The storyline of the little brothers going on a silence protest till their parents relented to buy them a tv was adorable. Now I've seen many dire films of Ozu but not many comedies so this was a delight. And the color was beautiful and eye catching maybe due to a sort of Pasolini type limited palette being used.


I realize it was a rehash of his older film shown last week on TCM but I liked this one better. It did have a very American slant to the extent that the younger brother actually kept reminding me of Opie of Mayberry in his behaviour in some scenes.


Interestingly the boys and even their fathers looked very modern, but the mothers looked like they were from another planet with their skirts so hobblying them and their cute shuffling walking patterns. But the mothers conversations seemingly over the simulated back fences was just like a Lucy and Ethel morning koffeeklatsch chat.


The bits with the grandma who forgot to give her daughter the club money and the inebriated hubby going to the wrong house first at night, then hitting his correct home and when the wife says "You're drunk" he retorts something like "Now I know I'm at the right house" were hilarious.


Anyone else watch?


Only complaint... watching all that sitting on the floor and kneeling was giving me premature arthritic pain...ouch!


Edited by: CaveGirl on Sep 23, 2013 1:22 PM

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Why thank you, roverrocks I so appreciate your thoughts on this matter and thanks for such a complimentary post.


Unfortunately being that no Venetian blinds were apparent in the Ozu film, there is no noirish connection but you did manage to weave the topic in marvelously!


P.S. I don't really love "wussy men" but I do think they make the world go round especially in their filmic vagaries!

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