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I enjoyed Every Frenchman has One by Olivia de Havilland. I guess it all depends on what you want from your favorites. If she ever finishes her book, I'll buy it. I don't care if she signs autographs or not. That's not why I enjoy her performances.

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I am shocked to hear that Olivia DeHavilland no longer signs autographs!!! Back in 1990 I had sent a photo to her in France to be signed. She DID sign it along with a little card saying "With my thanks for your kind note" or something like that with another little signature. She was the only star to do something like that.


I also particularly remember my exchange with Joan Fontaine who wrote on the back of the photo I sent " YES, that IS my signature!" The two sisters have similar writing.


I got a lot of photos from Marlene Dietrich who was kind enougn to send along several of her own photos (which I didn't particularly care for but I thought was very nice of her).


BTW, I came across an aticle once where this woman told how she was hired as a PA by Esther Williams to sign a lot her fan mail in the early 90's and she can tell by looking if it was one of her signatures. So who knows!

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Ok, I pulled the autograph off the shelf:


Olivia inscribed the photo: "For Craig, Every Good Wish, Olivia DeHavilland" Very tight looking little letters, and the De looks like a big B.


Some others:


Mamie Van Doren: Very extravagant signature with xx.

James Stewart, Kim Novak, Lauren Bacall, Lillian Gish- all just signed the photo


Douglas Fairbanks Jr wrote: "To Craig, Happy 1993."


Hedy Lamarr wrote " For Craig, Best Wishes"


John Justin from Thief of Baghdad-I was saddened to learn tonight that he passed away in 1992- wrote out lines from the movie onto the stills! On another one he wrote " To Craig with good wishes across the years. Your Friend, John Justin." I really liked that one.


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Oh one more thing that is kinda strange, I recall now that I had actually sent 2 photos to Dehavilland...one for me and one to be signed for my Sister who was actually the real big Olivia/Errol fan. Both photos were inscribed separately as I has asked. It was a big thrill for my sister.

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Just so it's clear, Olivia de Havilland does still sign autographs. She returned 10 items to me that she graciously signed (including her beautiful May 2003 Now Playing Guide cover) along with a two-page letter on Oct 13, 2005. Just, please do not ask her to sign a photo of her and her sister Joan Fontaine. These unfortunately have "painful associations" for her.

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