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Just finished watching Storm Warning for the second time, one in a very good run of Ginger Rogers' movies that have been running all day and will continue up to prime time.


I've always loved Ginger in almost any role, but I've gotta say that in Storm Warning she must have had a makeup artist who worked faster than Billy the Kid could draw a gun.


Five whips right to the face, and afterwards not a mark! Holy Moley and Great Guggamugga! No blood, no seared flesh, and as far as the camera could reveal, not even a bruise!


Jeez, five whips like that and most of us would've been passed out and disfigured for life, but not Ms. Rogers. Margaret Thatcher may have been the Iron Lady, but my girl Ginger sure had an iron puss. ;)

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Did anyone see Roxie Hart?


To me this is a 40s screwball comedy and thus it falls flat. It has it moments but something is missing. Of course it is silly to say that if it was filmed in the 40s (it is based on a play from the 20s) it would of been a better movie but why is it that 40s screwball comedies don't have the same juice as the 30s ones?


Ok, I know WWII was going on when it was released but not last night in my living room!


(there are some very funny scenes but I just don?t think the picture as a whole works).

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I love STORM WARNING. This is my favorite Ginger Rogers film. And that is saying a lot, because I love so many of her films. Her performance here is flawless-- especially the scene where Steve Cochran tries to rape her. She shows a completely different type of vulnerability and fierceness. She should have been nominated for an Oscar. And I think Doris should have been nominated for supporting actress. Richard Brooks' great screenplay. The wonderful cinematography at the beginning with the lynching/shooting scene. And of course that stunning climax. Truly a gem of a movie.

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