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Re: Male Noir Fans

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"Anyone here think that male noir fans are always like their filmic counterparts in being wussy" -- CaveGirl --- I can't answer for the theory that male noir fans are necessarily wussy, but I certainly don't believe that the male noir leads are usually that way. The atypical noir male guy is usually a macho he man type (like Mitchum, Lancaster, etc) . Where they fall down is they end up being suckers for the little "helpless " female who is able to lead the big macho man around by his nose and get him to do stupid things that he would never normally do. And he usually knows that he's doing something stupid but he does it anyway. If he were smart he'd turn around and run the other way, but does he ever? A big NO. So when she says "wash the windows" , "take out the garbage", paint the front porch" , "clean out the basement", etc, etc he just shrugs and does it. I can't speak from personal experience (not married) but I've seen enough from others. So I guess they are being "wussy" :D . I've been fortunate not to become a captive of a Barbara Stanwyck, Jane Greer, Peggy Cummins, etc type. Although it might have been fun if I did.

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