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THE SKIN GAME 1931, rare Hitchcock SUNDAY EARLY AM


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I got it years ago in a Video tape package of several of Hitchcock's early British films.


I watched it several times, years ago, and it has a very interesting plot, that gets more complicated as the two older men continue their feud over land. They drag other people down with them, and that is what the film is about, about how other people get pulled into and hurt by their feud.

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Ok, does everyone understand what happened at the end, with the daughter in-law?


This film should have been shown in prime time so more people could have seen it.


This is a very rare Hitchock film and a very good classic one with an unusual plot, a great screenplay, and very good acting.


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Did anyone, other than me, see this movie this morning?


Here is a link to the TCM Store, that has a 5-movie DVD set of early Hitchcock films, including The Skin Game, for $17.99.




Here is a link on Amazon for The Skin Game on VHS tape for $5.95:




Here is a link on Amazon for The Skin Game on DVD, Used, for $30:



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Hi Twink,


I'm certainly glad that TCM aired it, but I think they should have done it in Prime Time, so that more people could have seen it and recorded it.


I used to record a lot of old TCM movies that they only show late at night and early in the morning, but my VHS recorder stopped working and I don't want to buy a new one. So for a while I recorded them on DVD, then I wound up with too many movies I didn't want to save, and now I have hundreds of DVDs and I can never find a specific movie when I want to see it again, because I don't have my DVD films catalogued.


Why, oh Why, does TCM show some of the best and most rare early classic movies so early in the morning, such as The Man Who Could Work Miracles?? These movies are why I am paying for this channel.


I'm not paying for movies like Freddie the Floppy Whale (1991), or Gunfight at Deadman's Gulch (1985), or Freaks go Hollywood (1975).


I'm not sure how the $2 fee works at YouTube. I guess they want my credit card number. But if I am going to have to start paying YouTube for rare old classics, I will not be able to afford TCM on Satellite. And I do not watch 90% of movies made after 1960.

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Hi babes'....


I agree :)


I too have way too many movies and books as well. It is unfortunate that TCM shows their rare movies at akward hours and in my case, such as THE SKIN GAME not at all ! That's precisely why I subscribed to TCM in the first place, to see some of those Rare movies.


In order for me to subscribe to TCM with Bell, I pay over $220. a month for the 'bundle' that also include 4 channels of the Movie Network which shows over 400 movies a Month, uncut, commercial free. I have yet to watch one of them ! It does get to the point where it is just too much, too many movies.



Twink :)

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>It is certainly worth $2 to any Hitchcock fan.


Well, there you go. I've always like this obscure Hitchcock, particularly for the rare, intense performance by Edmund Gwenn (is that Welsh?), and the exploration of the collision between the aristocracy and the nouveau riche. I watched it on YouTube a while ago and thought the unfortunate lady drowned herself and was dead. But watching it this morning there seems to be some ambiguity about her death, as Gwenn can be heard refusing any medical help the Hilcrists would offer.

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Save your 2 bucks...


"The Skin Game" was long in the public domain and you can view a full-length *free* version here:




There is no copyright on this film available at the Internet Archive and you can download it in various formats as well as watch it online freely full-length. (Canal+ did purchase film rights for a version in 2005 as per the Wiki article and Lionsgate is trying to make some dough by renting it VOD on YT, but you can view a version on the Internet Archive website.)


Read the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes (it has a 17% approval rating):




Wiki info. here:




The Internet Archive has almost 3,700 feature films (number also includes shorts, silent films and trailers) available:



Twinkee, CHCH in Hamilton often airs public domain oldies at various times, usually on Saturdays and Sundays during the day (and late at night during the summer months, I think).

An example would be this upcoming Sunday (Sept. 29) CHCH airing of "They Made Me a Criminal" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/They_Made_Me_a_Criminal).

And Saturday (Sept. 28) CHCH airs "His Girl Friday."

Anyway, I've seen "The Skin Game" before but you can watch it online or download it at the Internet Archive:


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