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Is it me? (re: The Mysterious Lady and Vivek Maddala)

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I'm sitting here, watching Greta Garbo in "The Mysterious Lady", and I keep thinking of the silent short, "The Flag." The scores sound identical at times.


I don't know if Vivek Maddala uses electronic keyboards or an actual symphony, but his music always ends up sounding artificial, and it creates a huge disconnect to the film. The fact that his scores sound so "processed" (for lack of a better term) pull me right out of the films he scores.


I know he's relatively new, but he would really benefit the movies, and himself, if he would push himself to write better material.

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I enjoyed the music, but I did feel disconnected in many areas. I, too, felt that 'processed' sound, but I also thought there were some very nice, mellow segues. The score seemed bright and shiny new, straight off the presses and that, for me, clashed with the age of the film - you can hear the 85 year difference between the film and the score.. and it wasn't the film's condition as even a restored version would have communicated the same - to me, IMO.

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There were only a few MGM films in 1928 that were released with a "vitaphone" disc accompaniment. I don't believe that this film was released with that way. If it was released with a musical score, then it is possible that none or only a few discs survive. Which would explain the new score. I am not a fan of this score at all. I really feel that it does not fit the overall feel of the film. If I remember correctly, Maddala also scored THE PATSY (1928) for TCM a few years back, and it's not all that great either.

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